Fox News On Suicide Watch After Marco Rubio Implodes At Debate

Fox News is on the verge of suicide after Marco Rubio completely self-destructed at the latest Republican presidential debate. The depression and gloom over the Fox News anchors could not be contained.

Chris Christie made Marco Rubio look like a robot who circuits were fried at the ABC Republican debate. Even after Christie called out Rubio for repeating the same talking point about President Obama over and over again, the Rubio bot couldn’t depart from his script. By the fifth time, that Rubio had repeated the same talking point, the debate audience turned on him and booed. Rubio’s performance was an unmitigated disaster, and Fox News could not hide their sorrow.

Video of sad Fox News:

Brit Hume sounded like he might cry as he talked about the debate hurt Marco Rubio in New Hampshire and beyond after he had been, “so fluid a coherent.” Apparently, coherence is the new gold standard for Republican presidential candidates. Fox News just wants a candidate who can speak in sentences and make sense.

To the surprise of no one, former Meet The Press moderator David Gregory is working for Fox News during the election. Gregory accused Rubio of trying to look like a general election candidate. A.B. Stoddard also sounded glum as she discussed how Rubio knew what attack was coming but fell into Christie’s trap. Steve Hayes was almost wailing that beyond his early implosion, Rubio had a really good debate.

There can be no doubt who Fox News is supporting in the Republican primary. Fox will do anything to get rid of Donald Trump and Ted Cruz. The fact that the on-air talent on Fox sounded massively depressed after Rubio fell apart made it clear that Fox is far from neutral in this election.

Fox News desperately wants a sane nominee, and they have convinced themselves that Marco Rubio is the Republican Party’s last best hope in their effort to defeat Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. Republicans are admitting that their party has no hope of winning if they nominate Trump or Cruz.

It is time to take away the shoelaces and belt buckles from the staff at Fox News because these people are clinically depressed over the demise of Marco Rubio.