In Final Super Bowl Interview The Obamas Are Charming, Relatable And Everything The GOP Isn’t


In their final Super Bowl interview, President and First Lady Obama charmed America with relatable stories about watching the Super Bowl at the White House and showed a deep and true love for each other as a couple.

Video of the Obamas Super Bowl Interview:


President and First Lady Obama have connected with a segment of the population in a way that no other First Family in the modern era has because they are authentic. For years, members of the media have always noted the way that the President lights up when his wife is with him, and the Super Bowl interview was a classic example of how obviously loving the Obamas are as a couple.

From talking about nachos, pizza, and Super Bowl snacks to making it clear that they watch the Super Bowl in a lot of ways that are just like the folks at home the President and First Lady were relatable. It is also easy to see why the Obamas drive Republicans insane.

Republicans like to think of themselves as the party of “family values, but the Republican primary is being led by the multi-divorced billionaire who cheated on his first wife and has shown a repeated disrespect for women. Trump was endorsed by “hockey mom” Sarah Palin whose son is facing criminal charges after he punched his girlfriend in the face and threatened to kill himself.

Those family values that Republicans love to talk about are embodied by Barack and Michelle Obama. The Obamas are everything that Republicans wish they can be but aren’t. Every time the Obamas show their true love and dedication to each other, Republicans scream about Obamacare, Benghazi, or any of the other made up distractions that medicate themselves with to distract from their own ugly hypocrisies.

The Obamas time as America’s First Family is coming to an end. President and First Lady Obama can leave the White House with pride in knowing that they have walked the walk and demonstrated what real family values look like in action to the rest of the country.