Ted Cruz In Hot Water Over Possibly Illegal Fundraising Letter Sent To Voters


A complaint has been filed against Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz after the Republican may have violated Texas state law with an illegal fundraising letter.
The Houston Chronicle reported:

The solicitation came in an envelope featuring a return address in official government type and the words “check enclosed.” The “check” was a fake check made out to Cruz’s campaign, accompanied by a missive asking the recipient to send in a “matching donation.”

Such fundraising techniques are relatively common, but in Texas they may now be illegal under a law passed last year by the state Legislature.


The law, House Bill 1265, authored by Houston Democrat Gene Wu, required solicitations resembling government notices, checks or negotiable invoices to include, “in at least 18-point type,” the words “SPECIMEN-NON-NEGOTIABLE.”

Cruz’s mailer said — in small type — “this check is a facsimile not redeemable or negotiable and has no cash value.”

The complaint was filed with the state attorney general by Progress Texas.

As his presidential campaign has continued to lose momentum, Ted Cruz has grown increasingly desperate. The fundraising mailer comes on the heels of the Cruz campaign mailer that accused Iowans of “voter violations,” the campaign’s spreading of a false report on caucus night that Ben Carson was dropping out of the Republican race.

Ted Cruz might be the dirtiest candidate on the Republican side. There seems to be now which the Cruz campaign won’t stoop to in their efforts to raise money and mislead voters. A complete disregard for facts is one of the few consistent traits of both Cruz and his campaign. In less than a month, Cruz has been busted for lying about not having health insurance, and lying about Obamacare. Cruz’s lies have become so chronic that even Fox News called him out for lying about President Obama’s record on jobs.

Ted Cruz may have finally taken his lies a step too far with a mailer that is confusing Texans and in violation of the law. Here’s hoping that Cruz is finally held accountable for his attitude of doing anything to win.