Donald Trump Celebrates New Hampshire Win By Retweeting White Supremacist

In an apparent effort to reveal exactly what he means by “Make America Great Again,” Donald Trump celebrated his New Hampshire win by retweeting a white supremacist.

This isn’t a one-off. Although Trump deleted this tweet eventually, this isn’t his first tango with this specific white supremacist, so it’s not as if he didn’t know.

Yes, just weeks ago Trump retweeted his white nationalist friend “White Genocide”, whose patriotic, great American profile reads:

The tweeter goes by the handle WhiteGenocideTM and lists his location on his profile as “Jewmerica,” and features a banner on his account that states, “Get The F**k Out Of My Country.” The user’s profile picture is George Lincoln Rockwell, who was the founder of the American Nazi Party, and it also contains a link to documentaries that defend Adolph Hitler.

So that’s super comforting. Hitler and the white supremacists. Nothing to see here! The last time this happened, the media just shrugged. Imagine if candidate Obama had done such a thing or if Hillary Clinton were knowingly retweeting someone whose profile was all about worshiping someone who committed genocide.

The white supremacists, also known as Republican voters (not all Republicans are white supremacists, but any white supremacist who knows anything is a Republican), see their savior from imagined oppression in Donald Trump:

World Net Daily columnist Ilana Mercer wrote that white folks are being oppressed by the “federal aggression” and immigrants who “have the run of your schools, hospitals, libraries, parks and workplace” and that Trump is giving a much-needed voice to the “invisible, white army.”

Trump didn’t just retweet this dude by accident. He already got busted for this weeks ago, so this was a deliberate choice. Yes, he deleted it, but the fact of the matter is that he continues to elevate a dangerous, sick white supremacist movement.

What sane presidential candidate would retweet someone with the name “White Genocide” anyway? Republicans are reaping what they’ve sown with decades of implementation of their southern strategy (aka, exploiting and ramping up racist fears for political gain).

There really is no low too low for Republican Donald Trump. Even Jeb Bush said today that Barack Obama was better than Donald Trump. It’s that bad.

But it’s not funny at all. How do the supporters of Trump defend this? To align with him at this point is to align with his actions, which clearly are based in stirring up racism and sexism for his own ends. Trump is just using the people stupid enough to fall for his con, but since there are so many of them, this is a small comfort.