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Republicans Are Starting to Feel the Bern Too, And it Freaks Them Out

Michael Savage is freaked out by Bernie Sanders. He is not alone in this. Republicans of all stripes are freaked out by Sanders and this should not be a surprise when you consider how much the centrist Hillary Clinton freaks them out (of course, her gender is cause enough when it comes to conservatives).

According to Savage, the Sanders revolution will claim the lives of rich white people and the middle class by mobs of “you know who.” This puts Sanders in good company because they said this about Barack Obama as well.

Which must be why white people like Bernie Sanders so much, right? Go figure. Many of the people who’s lives will allegedly be cut short by the Sanders revolution are young people, many of whom are also white.

Numbers vary from poll to poll, but Sanders took the 17-29 demographic 84 percent to 14 percent among Iowa Democrats and led in the same demographic in New Hampshire somewhere around 89 percent to 11 percent.

In fact, Sanders is so popular among young people that Colbert quipped, “It’s like you’re puppy monkey baby.” He asked, “Why do you think the young ones like you?”

Bernie Sanders explained that is is because of what The Daily Caller calls his “notion” that that American life is corrupt and unfair:

“Two reasons. One, by definition young people are idealistic. And they look at a world with so many problems and they say, why not? Why can’t all people in this country have healthcare? Why can’t we make public colleges and universities tuition free? Why not?” The crowd cheers. “But the second part that I think young people are thinking about is how does it happen that even with all the technology and productivity and our economy, they are likely to have a lower standard of living than their parents, while almost all new income and wealth is going to the top 1%. They’re not dumb. They’re saying, we want a fair share as well.”

So young people like Sanders because they’re not dumb. But Republicans see a different puppy monkey baby. Michael Savage shows that dumb does reign among certain segments of the demographic by putting his own spin on Martin Niemöller’s famous poem:

“First they came for the rich, but you were not rich and you did not stand up for the rich; then they came for the middle class, but you didn’t stand up for the middle class because you were not even of the middle class; and then when they started to come up for the poor there was no one else to stand up for you because everyone else was taken out.”

Maybe Savage is freaked out because Cliven Bundy finally got the jail cell he deserved.

Savage’s bootlicking is an obscenity. Sanders is a socialist and Martin Niemöller presents socialists as the first of the Nazi victims.

Microphones can be stupid too, according to Donald Trump, in another epic rant, but that’s nothing compared to Savage’s race-baiting:

“Obama is pure evil. But he’s nothing compared to what Bernie Sanders would do.” Savage predicted that Sanders would impose “naked communism in this country” and “use the street gangs that burned down Baltimore, the street gangs that burned down Ferguson, they will use them as government enforcers as sure as I’m sitting here, they will deputize them, they’ll give them green uniforms and they’ll be used to intimidate the middle class as sure as I’m sitting here.”

That’s right. Bernie Sanders will unleash the race war Obama never did! Because that’s how Republicans respond to the idea of giving working class Americans and minorities and equal shot at wealth. It’s not just class warfare now, but race war.

And Savage’s proof that it can happen here?

“Well it just happened two weeks ago in Oregon. They shot a man dead in Oregon, the thugs from the federal government — or was it the Oregon state police? — killed a man who was protesting on federal land and no one in the media covered it. You say it can’t happen here, it is happening here. It is happening here, little by little by little. Police are being shot like bowling pins throughout the country by you know who, do I have to spell it out for you?”

The man in Oregon was an insurrectionist. He had stolen government property, intimidated federal agents, and was armed to boot, and drawing his weapon when he was shot. To use LaVoy Finicum as a an exemplar of the middle class is absurd.

What Finicum was, is an exemplar of the sense of entitlement felt by rich ranchers who want to steal our public lands for their own – not that of the American public – but their own private use.

What Finicum represented was white greed and entitlement, the chorus to this country’s institutionalized racism.

The only people Americans have to worry about are the ones wrapped in an American flag who come Bible in one hand, AR-15 in the other. And those people are not socialists, but conservatives, and Michael Savage is cheering them on.

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