Cliven Bundy’s In Jail: Now Arrest Republicans Who Incited Sedition Against America

Little reported on Thursday was a bit of justice for America against the openly seditious Bundy clan. Now, instead of sitting around the family table plotting to steal land from the federal government and install their own “constitutional council” run by a local sheriff,  three male members of the clan are where they belong; sitting in Oregon jails facing federal charges. That’s right, not only are brothers Ammon and Ryan Bundy incarcerated, their anti-government daddy Cliven Bundy is in the same predicament; only in a different Oregon county jail.

On Wednesday night the man who initiated one seditious armed confrontation against federal officials two years ago because they executed two federal court orders, and championed his sons’ takeover and destruction of federal property in Oregon, was finally placed under arrest and thrown in jail. Cliven Bundy was arrested by the Federal Bureau of Investigation at the Portland International Airport on six federal charges stemming from the infamous “Bundy Ranch standoff” in 2014. The charges against the elder Bundy are the similar to those against his two sons including conspiracy to interfere with a federal officer and weapons charges.

Perhaps both Cliven and Ammon Bundy should check the efficacy of their communications with their supreme being. If one believes the Bundy’s stories, the ‘lord god’ answered both Cliven and Ammon’s supplication for guidance and claimed the celestial deity gave them specific directions to arm up and challenge the federal government’s authority to own land, a federal court’s ability to collect a million dollars in rent fees, and the Bureau of Land Management’s authority to operate a wilderness area. According to the Bundys and no small number of conservatives, Utah Mormons, and the Koch brothers; federal government land ownership is illegal and rightly belongs to, and is the purview of, the fossil fuel, mining, and logging industry.

Cliven Bundy achieved notoriety and high praise from Fox News and several prominent Nevada Republicans such as Michele Fiore for forcing the federal government to back down to avoid bloodshed nearly two years ago. In fact, Bundy was openly inciting his sons’ sedition in Oregon and traveled from the safety of Republican Nevada to join Nevada representative Fiore in Oregon when he was arrested. Cliven Bundy may not recognize the federal government, but they know him well and have kept him under scrutiny since the seditious armed standoff with the Bureau of Land Management; an agency he owes $1 million to in unpaid grazing fees and penalties.

Now, the key participants in the Bundy ranch standoff are in custody including, besides the Bundy’s, one Ryan Payne. Payne is the Montana militiaman alleged to have organized the armed militia confronting federal officials, and particularly arranged the deployment of militia snipers for clear shots at federal agents in Nevada. Payne is considered one of the tacticians in the Oregon insurgency and claimed that he and the Bundy brothers seized and occupied federal property to protest the government owning land; something Fiore and the Bundys claim is tyranny against Americans.

It is too bad the concrete statute to allow federal law enforcement officials to arrest Michele Fiore to join her seditious allies the Bundys in jail is not being executed. Not only did Fiore stay in close contact with Ammon Bundy during the Oregon occupation, she called for other Republican politicians to join the insurgency “against our federal government.” She said, “We just need to get elected officials from the sheriff’s office on up to protect these citizens. I stand for our citizens and they need help from elected officials.”

Fiore was so intent on helping the Bundys, from the “ranch standoff” to the Oregon occupation over a citizen’s right to seize federal land that she introduced legislation in Nevada’s assembly known as the “Bundy Bill.” The bill that most Nevada Republicans opposed as “blatantly unconstitutional” required the federal government to request permission to use its own land in Nevada, even though the bill prohibited the federal government from using or accessing its own land in Nevada. In keeping with the constitutional sheriff, Posse Comitatis, Oathkeeper notion that each county’s sheriff are the law and Constitution unto themselves and not beholden to any state or federal laws, Fiore’s legislation mandated that only county commissioners were authorized to dispense land-use permits for commercial purposes only; like oil, mining, and logging commercial uses as demanded by Utah Mormons and the Koch brothers.

Although the main seditious instigators are safely behind bars, the federal government needs to exercise its authority and impose some justice on Republicans who incited the sedition from the start. In fact, according to 18 U.S. Code § 2383:

Whoever incites, sets on foot, assists, or engages in any rebellion or insurrection against the authority of the United States or the laws thereof, or gives aid or comfort thereto, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than ten years, or both; and shall be incapable of holding any office under the United States.”

Michele Fiore is a loud-mouthed, gun-toting tea-bagger Republican who has incited, assisted, given aid and comfort to the Bundys and their armed militias and deserves to be fined, imprisoned, or both, and banned from ever holding any elected office. That is the law and now that the traitors she allied with and defended, including patriarch Cliven Bundy, are sitting in jail where they belong, Fiore needs to join them courtesy of the United States federal government she publicly summoned other Republicans to stand against.