Obama Announces That He Will Nominate A Replacement For Justice Scalia

President Obama isn’t playing around.

Just hours after Republicans decided that they wanted to deny Obama the power of the presidency — even suggesting that he should not nominate someone, President Obama announced that he would nominate a replacement for Justice Scalia.

After paying tribute to Justice Scalia’s legacy, President Obama said, “Obviously, today is a time to remember Justice Scalia’s legacy. I plan to fulfill my constitutional responsibilities in due time.”

Raining on conservative obstruction dreams, Obama continued, “There will plenty of time for me to do so, and for the Senate to fulfill it’s responsibility to give that person a fair hearing and a timely vote.”

The President reminded Republicans that this isn’t a game, “These are responsibilities that I take seriously as should everyone. They’re bigger than any one party.”

President Obama finished, “They’re about our democracy. They’re about the institution to which Justice Scalia dedicated his professional life, and making sure it continues to function as the beacon of justice that our founders envisioned.”

If Republicans think they can just take President Obama’s presidential powers away from him, they have another thing coming.