Hillary Clinton Schools Republicans with a SCOTUS Confirmation History Lesson

Hillary Clinton is not impressed with Republican obstruction of democracy.

Former Secretary of State and 2016 Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton reminded Republicans that President Obama is president until January 20, 2017 and they have a responsibility to vote to confirm Obama’s nominee to replace Justice Scalia.

Also, a history lesson in case they don’t understand, including schooling Republicans on being out of step with our history and Constitutional principles:

The average time for a SCOTUS confirmation is 67 days, but the longest successful process was 100 (in the last 40 years). Even doing Republican math, 100 is less than 340.

Sure, Republicans can blame the fact that they don’t plan on working this year, but that might not play well in an election year. So at some point in the next 340 days, they ought to be able to show up to work and take a vote to confirm President Obama’s nominee.

Or else Republicans can run against the Constitution, work, and President Obama again. Please proceed.