Antonin Scalia Is Dead And The Republican Party Is Tearing Itself Apart

Antonin Scalia is dead and Republicans have responded by completely tearing their party apart.

The fractures within the Republican Party were deepened at the South Carolina debate on Saturday. The candidates disagreed on George W. Bush, the Iraq war, immigration, taxes, jobs, and foreign policy. The Republican Party responded to the death of the most conservative justice on the Supreme Court with an epic meltdown.

GOP polling guru Frank Luntz tweeted the Republican self-destruction in real time during the debate:

The frontloaded primary system that the RNC cooked up for 2016 was supposed to quickly bring the party together around a frontrunner so that a long and bloody primary could be avoided. Instead, Donald Trump has led the Republican field into a crater of muck and ugliness that is battering all of the Republican candidates and guaranteeing that the Republican nominee will emerge from the primary wounded and leading a fragmented party.

Republicans have responded to Scalia’s death not by proving to voters that are capable and competent in their jobs. The Republican response has been a political version of nervous breakdown where years of pent up internal disagreements and feelings are being unleashed in the most destructive way possible.

The only point upon which the Republicans agree is that they should ignore the requirements of the jobs that they are being paid to do by refusing to vote on President Obama’s Supreme Court nominee. Besides saying no to the Constitution, Republicans can’t agree on anything.

Eight years of the George W. Bush debacle gave way to eight years of obstructing Obama, which has become Donald Trump and the disassembling of the Republican Party. Nationally, Republicans have been on a downward trajectory for more than decade.

It might not matter who wins the Democratic nomination, because, by November, the Republican nominee could be completely unelectable.