Bill Clinton Demolishes Trump Supporting Hecklers At Florida Rally


A few Trump supporters made the mistake of trying to heckle Bill Clinton at a campaign stop in Florida. The hecklers got an earful of how much their billionaire hero loves the Clintons courtesy of the former president.



When the Trump supporters attempted to heckle the former president, he said:

Here’s what I want to say to you about this. I remember when he called me to say how terrible the Republicans had been to me and Hillary, and how unfair they were and what a brilliant job Hillary did as a senator. So, and by the way, a lot of Republicans thought that which is why they spent the last three years trying to tear her down because they know if you nominate her, they’re going to have to eat the words that they said when they weren’t running for office.

Here’s what I recommend. If you want to build a wall on the Rio Grande River, and you want to send the eleven million immigrants home then you should follow him like Moses into the Promise Land, but if you believe that President Obama saved us from a depression, and now it’s time to prove that we can make America work for everybody again if we all work together, you should be for Hillary.

Bill Clinton comparing Trump to Moses leading the Republicans to their ideological Promise Land was an instant classic for both its accuracy and its sarcasm. Former President Clinton was correct. If Republicans nominate Trump, they are going to have a lot of headaches on their hands. Trump had lavished praise on the Clintons in the past, and while this may not matter to the candidate, it will destroy him in the general election.

Trump’s supporters made a big mistake when they tried to heckle Bill Clinton. The former president put a dagger in the soft underbelly of the Trump campaign and gave the Republicans a taste of what they can look forward to if the general election is between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.