John Kasich Proposes Federal Agency To “Push Christianity” On the Middle East

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It is interesting that Republicans were irritated with television celebrity Donald Trump for telling the truth about George W. Bush’s catastrophic religious crusade to reshape Iraq in his America’s image. Trump, of course, was spot on and Bush’s brand of American exceptionalism and hubris created a decade-long catastrophe. A catastrophe Americans will pay dearly for over the next generation, at least.

It was that “hubris of American exceptionalism” pushed on the world by Bush’s neo-con cabal that killed three-quarters of a million innocent Muslim civilians, destabilized the Middle East, created the Islamic State and a civil war in Syria. Bush also decimated any credibility America may have once had. Add to the human costs of Bush’s crusade the trillions of dollars the people will suffer paying for a generation, and one would think Republicans would avoid even talking about any policy remotely similar to W. Bush’s.

It is fortunate for America that President Obama has made significant headway to restore some prestige and respect for America around the world by cooperating, using diplomacy, and negotiating with foreign powers instead of a dictatorial crusade. Republicans just fail to comprehend that the reason most foreigners hate America is not because of its guarantee of freedoms, but because it insists on interfering with sovereign nations’ internal affairs. It is exactly what the self-professed “moderate

” GOP presidential candidate plans to enact if he is elected.

Ohio Governor John Kasich placed 2nd in the New Hampshire Republican primary and bills himself as some kind of moderate, small government Republican, but a proposal he made proves he is just another typical Republican extremist and a hypocrite. Kasich’s plan to create a new federal government agency informs, besides his hypocrisy and extremism, that he subscribes to the typical Republican mindset that has only created death, destruction and Islamic extremists across the world. In fact, that Republican mindset is the primary reason Middle East Muslims really “hate us;” it is not now or never has been because of our freedoms.

As much as Kasich loves to tout his “small governmentbona fides, it is hypocrisy that he proposed a bright idea to use Americans’ tax dollars to create a new federal agency, but not to help Americans. Kasich’s plan is to help the evangelical movement “export and ‘push’ America’s Judeo-Christian belief system across the world.” Seriously, a federal department to proselytize and push Muslims into the Judeo-Christian religion(s) so they can be “exceptional” just like Americans.

Forget that such an agency is in violation of the Separation of Church and State, his plan is a continuation of the George W. Bush “crusade and conquer” ideology that destabilized the Middle East and created the Islamic State. It is also likely that Kasich’s theocratic plan is, among other things, a conservative Christian response to Saudi Arabia’s theocracy thatexports and pushes Saudi Wahhabi Islamic ideology across the Middle East.” For the uninformed, the Saudi Wahhabi ideology is the founding belief system of extremist Islamic groups such as al-Qaeda and the Islamic State (ISIL, Daesh, ISIS).

It is apparent that like George W. Bush’s neo-conservative Christian administration, Kasich subscribes to the Republican delusion that the road to peace (read American dominance) in the world is predicated on forcing the religious rights’ particular brand of extremist Christianity down Islamic populations’ throats.


Governor Kasich failed to give his federal government agency a theocratic name, but he does know that its only purpose and mission is to “promote the Jewish- and Christian-based belief system to four regions of the world: China, Iran, Russia and the Middle East.” No matter what Kasich or any American theocrat names the new agency, based on its mission statement it will be America’s Department of the Judeo-Christian Crusade and Inquisition.

Kasich thinks everyone in the Middle East will become Americanized if the government will just “beam messages around the world about the freedoms Americans enjoy! It means freedom, it means opportunity, it means respect for women, it means freedom to gather, it means so many things.” What it means is that the alleged “moderate” Kasich holds the same extremist religious conviction that the Bush administration embraced to set  America on a destructive path in Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria. Dissatisfied with the current effects of Bush-imperialism, the so-called “moderate” Kasich wants to expand the crusade with theocratic vengeance.

The problem with Kasich and his “beamed messages” about America’s greatness is that he opposes everything he touts as “exceptional” about the United States and his personal “Judeo-Christian values.” Like all religious Republicans, these are the kind of Christian values that demanded Kasich reject Syrian refugees fleeing death and destruction. The hypocrite “moderate” touting America’s “respect for women” did not choke on his words after supporting sixteen anti-women laws in Ohio; including “stripping $1.4 million from rape crisis centers and Planned Parenthood.”

It is likely that Kasich’s new theocratic agency will push the kind of American Judeo-Christian “opportunities” he provided Ohio residents; slashing taxes on the rich and shifting the burden to the middle and lower classes. In fact, Kasich cut taxes so deeply to give the rich an opportunity to get richer that the state is “denied any revenue for education, infrastructure, and public safety

” as part of Republicans’ Judeo-Christian values.

There are a lot of lessons in Kasich’s proposal that prove he is no more of a “moderate” than any of the extremist Republicans seeking the presidential nomination. He is pushing the same W. Bush religious crusade to force “America” on Middle East nations, and hypocritically proposes expanding the federal government for the sole purpose of evangelizing his religion on the rest of the world at American taxpayers’ expense.

It turns out that “Mr. Moderate” John Kasich is every bit of an evangelical extremist as Texas Ted Cruz and maybe more because even Cruz did not propose a federal agency to oversee the religious Republican crusade. A religious crusade George W. Bush started and one that all Republicans are Hell-bent on perpetuating to conquer the world using those “exceptional American Judeo-Christian values.”

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