Bigots And Racists Are Fueling Donald Trump’s Lead In South Carolina

If you’re a South Carolina racist or believe in a form of ethnic cleansing by internment camp or want to ban gay people from the country, odds are good that you are supporting Donald Trump. That is to say, Trump’s support in South Carolina is comprised of a “base of voters among whom religious and racial intolerance pervades.”

Among the beliefs of Trump supporters, a new poll from Public Policy Polling found that 70% think the Confederate flag should still be flying over the State Capitol.

Thirty percent wish the South had won the Civil War (this isn’t surprising, a majority of lifelong Southerners seem to still hold resentment about the “war of Northern Aggression” as they call it). Thirty-eight percent aren’t sure. It’s odd that these people would support a Yankee like Trump, who is closest to a Carpetbagger of any of the candidates, but perhaps bigotry binds even the most resentful Southerner to the candidate who promises to ban everyone they don’t agree with from the country.

“Overall just 36% of Republican primary voters in the state are glad the North emerged vic torious to 30% for the South, but Trump’s the only one whose supporters actually wish the South had won,” PPP points out.

You’d better sit down for the rest:

-By an 80/9 spread, Trump voters support his proposed ban on Muslims entering the United States. In fact 31% would support a ban on homosexuals entering the United States as well, something no more than 17% of anyone else’s voters think is a good idea. There’s also 62/23 support among Trump voters for creating a national database of Muslims and 40/36 support for shutting down all the mosques in the United States, something no one else’s voters back. Only 44% of Trump voters think the practice of Islam should even be legal at all in the United States, to 33% who think it should be illegal. To put all the views toward Muslims in context though, 32% of Trump voters continue to believe the policy of Japanese internment during World War II was a good one, compared to only 33% who oppose it and 35% who have no opinion one way or another.

This poll erases all doubt about who Donald Trump’s supporters are. For all of their public protestations that they aren’t racists and haters, they sure like to hang around people who have views that should be shunned by all reasonable people.

Anyone familiar with history should know better.