President Obama Trounces Republicans as 62% Want SCOTUS Vacancy Filled Now

Bad news, Republicans.

In a new Fox News poll released today, 62% say the President and Senate should take action to fill vacancy now, while just 34% say wait. Independents broke along similar lines 61% to 35%.

The poll asked registered voters in a random national sample a loaded question that suggested that the fact that it’s an election year is a relevant factor (it is not). But even with the leading question, the poll response shows what Republicans are up against.

The question and response (with minor edits):

Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia’s recent death has sparked a debate over how to fill the vacancy on the nation’s highest court. Taking into consideration that it’s an election year, which of the following is closer to your view?

The president shouldn’t get to nominate someone for a life-time appointment to the high court this late in his term. 34%

It’s still the responsibility of current leaders, President Obama and the Senate, to take action to fill the vacancy now. 62%

(Don’t know) 4%

When this is broken down to reveal the party affiliation of the voters, Independents are not leaning toward the Republican efforts to game reality in an effort to obstruct President Obama from his right and duty, with 61% of Independents agreeing that the President and Senate should take immediate action to fill the vacancy, as Ronald Reagan urged when he was in the same situation.

The bad news for Republicans continued with “Regardless of how you plan to vote, who do you believe will be the next president of the United States? [OPEN ENDED — DO NOT READ RESPONSES — ACCEPT ONLY
ONE]” — and the winner at 28% was Hillary Clinton.

Even with the loaded question, Republicans can’t pull this heist of power off in the eyes of the public. If they proceed, they will be taking quite a gamble on older white and misinformed voters out performing the rest of the country when it comes to turnout.