Republicans Are So Terrified Of Obama SCOTUS Nominee That They Refuse To Hold A Hearing

The crafty strategists in the Republican Party have got this whole deny Obama his nominee thing figured out. See, if they do their jobs and give the Obama nominee a hearing per their Constitutional duty, well that could go badly for them because you all might like the Obama nominee, so forget the Constitution.

“There’s little upside to it,” a senior Republican Party source who asked for anonymity told CNN.

The Constitution is not working for Republicans, so they will spit on it and their jobs in order to help themselves in an election year (or so they think). CNN reported on the behind-the-scenes dealings:

Senior Senate Republicans are growing more comfortable with the idea of denying President Barack Obama’s Supreme Court pick a hearing, arguing privately that the risk of giving the nominee a platform to shine far outweighs the benefits.


If Republicans held confirmation proceedings, several Republicans told CNN, that argument would be badly muddied. Moreover, they risk giving Obama’s choice an opportunity to detail his or her life story and legal qualifications, and they’d rather stop the nominee before giving the White House and Senate Democrats a chance to build momentum.

Republicans are so afraid that you might like President Obama’s nominee that they are too scared to even give a hearing; aka, do the jobs that you pay them to do.

Their plan, in case you missed it by burying your head in the quiet sands of desperation, is to pull a Rubio-repeat-talking-point saying the “voters should have a say in the nominee,” and they would do that by voting.

You know, for the President.

Like they already did. By five million votes.

Oh, but 2012 doesn’t count, because Republicans will tell you that Republicans getting the Senate back in 2014 was proof that the public was fed up with Obama, after electing him twice. So they get to keep their votes from 2010 even though they are lame ducks now, and they are taking all of that power in order to destroy the checks and balances of our system — but Obama can’t have any.

Also, their interpretation of 2014 is yet another sad misrepresentation of reality. The truth is that Democrats do not vote in midterms at near the rate as conservatives, and the map favored Republicans winning the Senate back in 2014. So it was actually expected that they would take back the Senate, and they only managed that with nefarious doings.

Just like the map favors Democrats taking it back in 2016.

So what will that be, a sign that the public really hates Republicans? What was it when the voters re-elected President Obama? Was that somehow a five million vote fluke in their minds, even though they know best the vast efforts they went to in order to reduce Democratic turnout and ability to vote?

Even Ronald Reagan is on tape urging the Senate to quickly confirm his lame duck year pick for the high court because the court needs nine justices, not eight. Shhhh, don’t tell Republicans – they keep saying it’s fine understaffed and unable to function as intended.

LOL reality! Republicans are counting on the trusty GOP tool of repetition in public appearances until the lie that this is “tradition” and “precedent” is accepted. So far, Politifact and historians have not been swayed, but that is little matter to Republicans who have a lot of faith in their ability to sell crap to the public if they wrap it in the Constitution, a flag and some prayer.

It won’t matter to Republican voters that Mitch McConnell himself argued that the President was elected to sway the court to his ideology.

“There’s little upside to it.”

Yes, that’s right people. There is little upside for Republicans to doing their job because you would probably like the Obama nominee. So they are not going to do it. Spit on the Constitution and spit on the voters for paying them.