For The First Time Ever, Bernie Sanders Leads Hillary Clinton In A National Poll

Hours before the Democratic candidates are set to take the stage for a town hall; a new Fox News poll shows Bernie Sanders leading Hillary Clinton 47%-44%.

Sanders has gained ten points in the past month while support for Clinton dropped by 5 points.
According to Fox News:

The last two Fox News polls show Clinton’s drop-off has been most striking among women (she has gone from 28 points ahead of Sanders to just 3 points up, for a shift of minus 25 points), whites (-13 points), and regular Democrats (-14 points). She has mostly held constant among black voters and those with a college degree.


Three in 10 voters nationally would feel either extremely or very satisfied if Sanders wins the presidency (30 percent). That’s more than say the same about Clinton (24 percent satisfied), Trump (21 percent satisfied), and Jeb Bush (15 percent satisfied).

On the flip side, Sanders has the smallest number — 37 percent — saying they would be “not at all” satisfied if he wins the White House. Fifty-five percent would feel “not at all” satisfied if Trump wins, 49 percent for Clinton, and 45 percent for Bush.

While leading Hillary Clinton in a national poll is good for publicity and perceived momentum, the new poll came on the same day that the AP calculated a new delegate count that showed Hillary Clinton picking up 87 more superdelegates to 11 for Bernie Sanders. Overall, Clinton’s delegate lead has grown to 481-55.

It is a big deal that Bernie Sanders is leading Hillary Clinton in a national poll, but the primaries are not a national election. Sanders has captured the hearts of Democrats, and Independents could be easily swayed to support the senator from Vermont. After his near victory in Iowa and blowout win in New Hampshire, there are no more questions about Sanders’ electability.

Bernie Sanders had taken the next step and become a national political leader who could realistically be elected president. For this reason alone, Sen. Sanders is already one of 2016’s biggest winners even if he doesn’t capture the Democratic nomination.