Trump Reeling After Religious Leaders Condemn His Attack On Pope Francis

Donald Trump is being condemned by religious organizations for his ugly attack on Pope Francis.

After Pope Francis condemned Donald Trump’s plan to build a wall along the Mexican border as unchristian, Trump responded with a thin-skinned attack on the Pope:

Trump’s attack has been condemned by religious leaders.

Franciscan Action Network Executive Director Patrick Carolan said in a statement:

Today after Pope Francis told Christians to build walls, Donald Trump called those comments “disgraceful.” What is disgraceful is preaching hatred and fear which are not in any way the message of Jesus. In Matthew 25 Jesus clearly states “what you do unto the least of my brethren you do also unto me.” For Mr. Trump to continually preach his message of hatred and fear is certainly not following the teachings of Jesus. The Pope is correct that his statements are Unchristian. He also happens to be a head of state and can weigh in on political matters.

No matter what politicians or pundits say, the important part of the Pope’s message today is that Christians should build bridges and not walls, In fact the entire message of Pope Francis’ papacy has been to tear down walls, to build bridges, to welcome our immigrant and refugee sisters and brothers, and to reject our throwaway culture. Anyone that tries to see this as a personal attack fails to full grasp the Pope’s message.

Christopher Hale, the executive director of Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good, said, “Pope Francis is absolutely right: there’s nothing Christian about building walls. Donald Trump’s immigration stance is a total affront to the gospel of Jesus Christ. During this election ​year, the American people can take Pope Francis’s advice and build bridges, or heed the advice of Donald Trump and build walls. If Francis is right, all walls eventually crumble.”

Trump will shrug this off, but his remarks about the Pope will come back to haunt him if he wins the Republican nomination. The pundits consider Trump bulletproof, but what they fail to understand is that Trump will not be facing a conservative electorate in the fall. If the rest of the country is given the chance to weigh in on Trump, stunts like attacking the popular Pope are going to come back to bite the entire Republican Party o​n the backside.

Donald Trump has attacked women, African-Americans, the disabled, Muslims, Mexicans, and now the Pope. At this rate, the only people who be left to vote for Trump are the angry white conservative bigots who currently support him.​