Attack On Pope Francis Could Sink Donald Trump According To New Poll

A new poll from the Robert Morris Polling Institute found that Pope Francis has 84.7% favorability rating with Donald Trump supporters. In other words, by attacking the Pope, Trump may be alienating people who would vote for him.

According to a press release from The Robert Morris Polling Institute:

The poll, which was conducted before the controversy arose, showed Pope Francis enjoying a 69.3% favorable rating. Of all respondents, 31.3% said they could see themselves supporting Donald Trump. Of this group of potential Trump supporters, the Pope has an 71.24% favorability rating.

Also, 33.4% of respondents think Francis would more likely be a Democrat, while only 11.0% think he would be a Republican. 35.3% suggested he would be unaffiliated, while the remaining 20.3% percent were unsure about his likely political leanings.

The reality is that Trump thinks that he is invincible, but he is only appealing to 30% of the Republican primary electorate. With his attack on Pope Francis, Trump could possibly push away some of the angry white primary voters who have been naturally drawn to his angry white man schtick.

Donald Trump has already crossed the point of no return with 70% of the American electorate. The media and Trump are overvaluing the 30%+ that support him in the Republican primary. The majority of the Republican Party doesn’t support Trump, yet he is being treated by some in the media as the de facto nominee.

Trump can’t help himself. He has the self-discipline of a spoiled seven-year-old, and it could end up coming back to cost him the supporters that he is already taking for granted.