Earthquake Through The Democratic Race As Bernie Sanders Leads Clinton In Colorado

A new poll of Colorado shows that Hillary Clinton’s lead has evaporated as Bernie Sanders has taken a 48%-43% lead ahead of the state’s March 1 caucuses.

The conservative Washington Free Beacon conducted the poll that suggested a big turnaround in Colorado since Hillary Clinton led the state by 28 points in November.

In a pattern that is consistent with what has occurred in other states, Sanders leads Clinton 46%-30% with millennials, and with women under age 30, Sanders leads by 40 points. Sen. Sanders’ lead with Hispanics (41%-38%) is close to within the poll’s 2.98% margin of error. Former Sec. of State Clinton leads with previous caucusgoers 41%-38%, and with African-Americans by 12 points. Sanders led Clinton by wide margins on honesty (56%-25%), empathy (51%-31%), and progressiveness (57%-25%).

The poll was conducted by automated phone call only. This type of polling has a history of being hit and miss. There are also some methodological issues that come with automated polling that the Colorado pollster has tried to minimize by selecting a sample of is 1,144 previous Democratic caucusgoers and new registrants. There could be some accuracy issues in play with this poll, but the Sanders campaign has made Colorado a main Super Tuesday target.

The polling outside of South Carolina has contained lots of good news for Bernie Sanders over the last few days. The fact that some of the good Sanders polls are coming from conservative outlets like the Washington Free Beacon and Fox News should raise some red flags. Other objective polling of Colorado will provide a clearer picture, but if Sanders has taken the lead over Clinton in Colorado, it will add more fuel to the questions about Hillary Clinton’s potential vulnerabilities as the Democratic nominee.