Bernie Sanders Makes The Billionaire Class Shudder By Passing 4 Million Contributions

After the Nevada caucus, the Bernie Sanders campaign announced that in the biggest rejection ever of the billionaire class, the campaign has passed 4 million small contributions.

According to the Sanders campaign:

U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign raised almost $21.3 million in January from small donors who contributed about $27 apiece on average, according to a report filed on Saturday with the Federal Election Commission.

Through Jan. 31, Sanders had raised $94.8 million since the campaign was launched last April 30.

Altogether, Sanders’ grassroots campaign to date has received more than 4 million contributions.

Sanders campaign manager Jeff Weaver said, “Our campaign is a strong grassroots movement supported by middle-class Americans from working families, not billionaires trying to buy elections. This campaign is built for the long haul and is drawing millions of new people into the process.”

The Sanders campaign has always had dual goals. Sanders wants to be the Democratic nominee, but he is also trying to launch a political revolution of millions of Americans to take back the country from the billionaires who are trying to purchase the federal government.

Sanders may not win the Democratic nomination, but his political revolution won’t end with the primaries and caucuses. Sen. Sanders will take his fight back to the United Senate, but he won’t be alone. Sanders has built a national progressive movement of millions.

Bernie Sanders will remain a threat to the billionaires for as long as he remains in public life. Sanders has raised nearly $100 million in nearly all small donations.

The fundraising numbers demonstrate that the American people are standing up. While the media is obsessed with the nomination horserace, the Sanders political revolution is alive and well.

With each $27 donation, the Sanders revolution is gaining steam. Don’t look now, billionaires, Bernie Sanders and his millions of political revolutionaries are coming for you.