Cruz Robocall Tells South Carolina Voters Confederate Flag is ‘Our Flag’

The South Carolina primary is about to get under way today, so of course Ted Cruz is up to his last minute shenanigans. You remember Iowa, of course, where he told voters Ben Carson was dropping out of the race and lied that the news came from CNN.

This time, according to Schuyler Kropf at The Post and Courier, a Ted Cruz super pac, the Courageous Conservative Political Action Committee, has a new robocall going out to South Carolina voters that the Confederate flag is “Our flag.”

Yes, it is your flag, and the first time you ran her up the flagpole, federal troops stormed ashore and yanked her down again. That is, after your flag started the bloodiest war in American history over your imagined right to own other human beings – black slavery.

In the call, you hear Trump’s voice say, “Put it in a museum, let it go.”

Another voice then says, “That’s Donald Trump supporting Nikki Haley removing the battle flag from the Confederate memorial in Columbia,” and goes on to tell voters that “people like Donald Trump are always butting their noses into other people’s business,” and that “Trump talks about our flag like it’s a social disease.”

The thought that you can own other human beings is a social disease. And if that’s your culture, is a rotten culture. The call tells voters “He Ridicules Our Values.”

I did not know owning black people was a “value.”

Nikki Haley, of course, removed the flag. She also, on Wednesday, announced her endorsement of Marco Rubio, which no doubt got her on Cruz’s shortlist.

Now naturally, Cruz spokesperson Alice Stewart says Ted Cruz has nothing to do with it: “This is from someone not affiliated in any way with our campaign.

A spokesperson for Trump, who is leading Cruz in the Palmetto State 32 to 18 percent, responded with equal predictability, calling the robocall “the same old trash and more signs of desperation.”

Interestingly, The Washington Post tell us that 70 percent of Trump supporters and 62 percent of Cruz oppose the flags removal.

Another robocall by the same group went out Friday night attacking Trump over the marriage equality issue, saying in response to Trump’s voice saying “We have to bring all people together” that bringing all people together is “tearing down our Judeo-Christian values” and “tearing down America.”

NPR’s Domenico Montanaro says “It wouldn’t be South Carolina without stuff like this.” He’s talking about the robocalls, but really it’s a vile Trump leading the way and an equally vile Cruz doing whatever it takes, no matter how low-brow, to catch up.

So the Confederate flag is Cruz’s flag. Can’t say it’s a real surprise given his views of the United States Constitution. Just remember voters, when you go to the polls, that casting a vote for Cruz is casting a vote for the old Confederacy – and for black slavery.