Donald Trump Uses Scalia Funeral to Accuse President Obama of Being a Muslim

Nothing says ready for presidency like using the funeral of Justice Scalia to accuse the sitting President of being a Muslim, when he is a well-established Christian. So naturally that is exactly what Republican front-runner Donald Trump did today:

Donald Trump’s statements make it clear that Sarah Palin was just the test run for how many lies and craziness one person could pack into a few sentences.

There is nothing wrong with being a Muslim, so that’s number one. Any person running for the highest office in this country should know that, it’s fundamental to the founding of this country that there is no established religion and there is freedom of and from religion.

Number two, President Obama is not a Muslim. He is a Christian. Everyone who has paid even the slightest attention to current events knows this. The President, who has been a scandal-free moral leader of the highest order, often references his faith when addressing tragedies. During his eulogy for Reverend and Democratic state Senator Clementa Pinckney, who was shot down in an act of racial terrorism during an attack on a church in Charleston, Obama burst into a spontaneous rendition of Amazing Grace. If Trump were on this planet at the time, it’s hard to see how he could have missed this.

Number three, Trump just wished an ISIL attack on the Pope after the Pope suggested that Christians do not focus only on walls but also on bridges. Trump took this as an attack on his Christianity and in his Trumptrum he scolded the Pope saying a leader doesn’t question a another man’s faith.


Then Donald Trump questions President Obama’s faith, just two days later. It’s fair to say Donald Trump doesn’t do self-reflection, personal responsibility, or values. He does two-year-old scream fests and everything is about him and it’s okay when he does it but not when anyone else does it.

The good news here is this means Donald Trump is calling Donald Trump a person who is not a leader. I am sure many of us can agree with Mr. Trump on this point.

Here is a photo of President Obama and the First Lady paying their respects to Justice Antonin Scalia in the Great Hall of the Supreme Court yesterday afternoon:

Pres Obama and First Lady paying respects to  Justice Scalia

Real leaders don’t throw gasoline on conspiracy theories, and grown ups try not to throw a fit in public over something and then turn around and do it to someone else in public, just two days later. Donald Trump is a puffy reality TV show walking dramafest who belongs on TMZ, he is not a world leader.