Hillary Clinton Gets A Big Momentum Boost By Winning The Nevada Caucus

Both Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton spent millions of dollars on television advertising in Nevada, as many believed that the momentum of the race for the Democratic nomination hinged on the outcome. With nearly 71% of the vote in, Hillary Clinton is leading Bernie Sanders 52.2%-47.7%.

The inability of Sanders to win in a state with a more diverse electorate is certain to fuel the doubts that he can’t win in states that are not dominated by white progressives while the Clinton campaign believes that they won in Nevada because African-American voters came out for Clinton.

The race now moves on to South Carolina, where former Sec. of State Clinton has a commanding lead in the Palmetto State. Unlike Iowa, Nevada was not close.

Jake Tapper of CNN tweeted some of the exit polling data:

The other important point is that Bernie Sanders does very well with Independents and first-time voters, but Hillary Clinton won with rank and file Democrats. Clinton’s strength in Nevada with women and African-Americans could be a hint of the electorate that is yet to come in the Democratic primary.

Hillary Clinton got the big win that she needed and reasserted her frontrunner status in the Democratic primary.