South Carolina Republican Says She Will Vote For Sanders Or Clinton If Trump Wins

A South Carolina Republican, disappointed by Donald Trump’s huge primary win was asked by an MSNBC reporter if she could see herself supporting Democrats Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton if Donald Trump wins the Republican nomination.

“Over Trump? Yes, yes I can,” Jeanie Farmer, Jeb Bush volunteer, responded definitively.

Watch here:

Donald Trump won in huge numbers tonight in South Carolina, even taking the areas that were thought would go to Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio.

But the problem for Republicans is if they can’t stop Trump, he might cause party defection, and the last thing Republicans need right now is a smaller tent.

Trump won Iowa with 28%, New Hampshire with 35%, and South Carolina with 34%. Trump swears when the others drop out, he will pick up their supporters, but that is not a given.

It’s easy to see Trump picking up the Carson supporters, but very difficult to see Kasich and Bush supporters going to Trump. That leaves Cruz, and by the time Cruz and Trump are done battling for the conservative vote, the bruises may be long-lasting.