Trump Vows To Terminate 22 Million Americans Healthcare In SC Victory Speech

During his South Carolina victory speech, Donald Trump promised that he will terminate the health insurance of 22 million Americans if he is elected president.

Video of Trump’s South Carolina victory speech:

Trump said, “We’re going to terminate Obamacare. It’s going to be terminated. It’s going to be over. It’s going to be repealed. It’s going to be replaced, and you’re going to have much better healthcare at a much smaller cost.”

Trump lied about the percentage increase in the cost of ACA premiums, but the larger point is that Donald Trump is promising some great mystery healthcare plan. Trump has promised that poor people will not go without healthcare, and this week he endorsed the individual mandate. Trump also has campaigned on the standard Republican myth that buying insurance across state lines will lower costs.

Experts have warned that repealing the ACA would not only cost every American, who signed up for health insurance their coverage, but children age 18-26 would lose their coverage, and those Americans who have gained insurance through the Medicaid expansion would also be at risk of losing their coverage.

The Republican audience applauded loudly for Trump’s promise to terminate Obamacare, but experts are warning Republicans that ACA repeal would create chaos in the healthcare system. Millions of people who would find themselves newly uninsured would turn to emergency rooms for care.

Republican voters applauded harming tens of millions of Americans. Donald Trump’s comments about terminating Obamacare should serve as a reminder to every voter of what is on the line in 2016. The election isn’t about a reality television star leading the Republican Party. 2016 is really about the unrelenting Republican quest to harm as many non-wealthy Americans as possible with a destructive agenda.

For tens of millions of Americans, the 2016 election could be a matter of life and death.