Hillary Clinton freezes out Fox News Sunday

Hillary Clinton Is Making Fox News Pay For Their Years Of Lies And Bias

Hillary Clinton is getting even with Fox News for their years of lies and biased coverage by not even answering their emails and phone calls requesting an interview.


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Transcript via Fox News Sunday:

WALLACE: With Bernie Sanders‘ appearance here last week, we’ve now sat down with every candidate in the race except Hillary Clinton. As we noted, she was asked recently what she would do as president to bring the country together.


CLINTON: I think it’s an important point the president made in his State of the Union. And here’s what I would say. I will go anywhere to meet with anyone at any time to find common ground.


WALLACE: But, once again this week, Clinton turned down our request for an interview. We reached out to her campaign officials in charge of this sort of thing, communications director Jennifer Palmieri, and press secretary Nick Merrill. Neither of them had the courtesy to even answer our phone calls and emails.

This was not the first time that Wallace has whined on the air about being frozen out. In May of 2015, Wallace unleashed a pouty barrage on the air and admitted that President Obama won’t let people from the White House go on Fox News Sunday.

President Obama and former Sec. of State Clinton have been subjected to relentless attacks by Fox News. There is no way that Clinton is going to give Fox or any of its shows the time of day unless it is on her terms. The message that the Clinton campaign is sending is that Fox News is going to pay for their years of lies about the former Sec. of State.

Fox News has been completely biased in their coverage of both Obama and Clinton. Clinton doesn’t fear Fox News. In fact, the opposite is true. Fox News needs Hillary Clinton. The nightmare scenario for Fox would be if Clinton won the presidency, and completely cut off the conservative network’s access to the White House. Her emails have already revealed that she thinks that Fox News is insane,, so it isn’t a surprise that she is in no hurry to pick up the phone when the folks from Sunday morning crazy town call.

Fox’s years of bias and Benghazi lies are coming home to roost. Hillary Clinton has sent Fox’s emails to spam, and their calls are automatically going to voicemail because the bill has come due for Fox News’s decades of lies.

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