Hillary Clinton Shows Why She Is The Candidate Republicans Fear At CNN Town Hall

Hillary Clinton’s performance at the CNN town hall in South Carolina demonstrated why Republican fear running against her.

Clinton was asked if her campaign has turned a corner. She said that she doesn’t think about it that way. We’ve had three contests, and we’ve got forty-seven more to go. Former Sec. Clinton was asked if she will release the transcripts of her paid Wall Street speeches. She answered that she will release them if all candidates release their speeches, including the Republicans. Clinton later asked why there was one standard for her and not for everyone else. She demanded a level playing field for all candidates.

Former Sec. of State Clinton backed President Obama’s plan to close GITMO and said that the detention center is a symbol for those who want to cause us harm. Clinton began with foreign policy questions from voters, and she shined with her depth and knowledge of global affairs.

Clinton was asked how she would fix race relations. She said that racism issues need to be addressed, or we are never going to be the nation that we can be. Clinton called out some places in South Carolina where African-American infants have a higher mortality rate than in third world countries. Clinton took aim at Gov. Nikki Haley and the state legislature for not expanding Medicaid.

Later, Clinton was asked about the generational gap with voters between her and Bernie Sanders. Clinton detailed her plan to help students who are being crushed by debt. She brought up a date certain so that students know when their debt ends. She said that she doesn’t believe that the federal government should be making money on student loans. Clinton said that she wants the program to be affordable, and stressed her commitment to the historically black colleges.

Former Sec. Clinton was asked about the deterioration of the illness in the American family. She answered that strong families are at the core of a strong American society. Clinton said that a lot of families are under economic stress and are just trying to keep food on the table. Clinton called for a raise in the minimum wage and called for more to be done to help families raise their children.

Clinton was asked for the millionth time about her emails, and she said that she is aware of the drip, drip, drip. She said that every single time the charges have been hurled against her, and it has proven to be nothing. Clinton said that she had turned over 55 pages of emails. She said that the email scandal won’t have any lasting effect and that she is not at all worried about it.

Former Sec. Clinton delivered another winning performance at this town hall. Her weakest answer was on the releasing the transcripts of her speeches to Wall Street, but the reality is that her speeches only matter to a segment of the Democratic primary electorate. The speeches won’t matter in the general election.

Hillary Clinton demonstrated why she is perceived by many as the strongest candidate in either party. It was very subtle, but former Sec. Clinton was able to discuss national emotional themes in personal terms. As this election moves forward; it is clear that there is no one on the Republican side that will match up well against Hillary Clinton