5 Reasons To Be Glad That You Didn’t Watch The CNN Republican Debate

Donald Trump crushes Marco Rubio, and Ben Carson whines for more time among the five reasons to be glad that you didn’t watch the CNN Republican debate.

1). Donald Trump Crushes Marco Rubio

Rubio immediately went after Trump during question on immigration for being fined for hiring illegal workers thirty years ago. Rubio tried to use Trump’s criticism of Romney for self-deportation as a point of hypocrisy. Trump said that he criticized Mitt Romney because he lost an election that Republicans should have won because he ran a terrible campaign against a “failed president.” Rubio meekly replied that he also believed that Republicans should have won.

Rubio went back to the fact that Trump was fined for illegally hiring people. Trump responded, “No, I’m the only one on the stage that’s hired, people. You’ve hired nobody. I’ve hired tens of thousands of people over my job. You’ve hired nobody. You’ve had nothing but problems with your credit cards etc., so don’t tell me about hiring people.”

Rubio spent the debate on the fruitless pursuit to attack Trump’s record. Facts don’t matter to Donald Trump. What Trump did thirty years ago, or said five minutes ago doesn’t matter to the Republican frontrunner. The media confuses political Teflon with Trump’s ability to contradict himself and not care about his own previous statements.

2).Marco Rubio Laughably Claims That The Republican Party Is The Party of Diversity

During the portion of the debate where the candidates were asked about expanding the Republican Party by appealing to Hispanic voters, Marco Rubio laughably claimed that because the Republican debate featured two Cubans and an African-American, the Republican Party is the real party of diversity. Republicans don’t get the fact that they will never win with minority voters until they stop looking at faces and ethnicities and change their policies.

3). Ben Carson Whines And Whines And Whines

Ben Carson’s contribution to the CNN debate consisted of constant whining about the lack of time that he was given to talk. When Carson was given time to talk, the first thing he did was waste it by complaining about how he didn’t get even more time. The point was lost on Dr. Carson that the leaders get more time to talk than the other candidates. If Carson wants more debate time, he needs to get more votes. It is a chicken and egg situation, but Ben Carson’s constant complaining was unprofessional and demonstrated why he doesn’t belong on the big stage.

4). Trump Calls His Main Opposition A Liar And A Choke Artist

Donald Trump has been threatening to sue Ted Cruz for weeks because he feels like Cruz is not playing fair. Trump went for the throat with Rubio by trying to define the senator from Florida as a choke artist. The whole debate was nothing but an insult fest.

The Republican candidates have nothing to say about the issues, and they continue to play Trump’s game of slinging insults at each other. None of the Republicans look electable, and with each debate, they are taking another step away from winning back the White House.

5). CNN And Republicans Gave America A Terrible Presidential Debate

Thanks to CNN’s global audience, the Republican presidential candidates humiliated the country by arguing against people not being allowed to die in the streets. The Republicans showcased their hatred of immigrants. The candidates revealed that they had no economic plan beyond cutting taxes for the wealthy.

Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, and Marco Rubio spent their time on the world stage attacking each other instead of acting presidential. Rubio and Cruz took shots at Trump, and Donald Trump took shots against everyone else. The debate is a circus. There are no issues of any substance being discussed, and the blame for this disaster falls on the shoulders of CNN.

Wolf Blitzer lost control of the debate. He was soon ignoring the debate rules and giving candidates as much time as they wanted. The moderators let the Republican candidates slide on a lack of specifics on everything. The debate was such a mess that it quickly became what the Republican Party fears the most. The CNN debate was another bloodbath with all of the top Republicans personally attacking each other. By the last thirty minutes, the debate had completely fallen apart, and the blame rests with Wolf Blitzer and CNN.

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