CNN And Republicans Embarrass Every American With Disgraceful Presidential Debate

The Republican presidential candidates gave disgraceful answers, and CNN’s Wolf Blitzer lost total control of a debate that is an embarrassment to every American.

Thanks to CNN’s global audience, the Republican presidential candidates humiliated the country by arguing against people not being allowed to die in the streets. The Republicans showcased their hatred of immigrants. The candidates revealed that they had no economic plan beyond cutting taxes for the wealthy.

Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, and Marco Rubio spent their time on the world stage attacking each other instead of acting presidential. Rubio and Cruz took shots at Trump, and Donald Trump took shots against everyone else. The debate is a circus. There are no issues of any substance being discussed, and the blame for this disaster falls on the shoulders of CNN.

Wolf Blitzer lost control of the debate. He was soon ignoring the debate rules and giving candidates as much time as they wanted. The moderators let the Republican candidates slide on a lack of specifics on everything. The debate was such a mess that it quickly became what the Republican Party fears the most. The CNN debate is another bloodbath with all of the top Republicans personally attacking each other.

Republicans are taking another step towards losing in November, and CNN’s decision to provide some of the worst debate moderating of the year is helping Republicans dig their November hole deeper.