Republicans Hopes Crushed As Donald Trump Destroys Marco Rubio At CNN Debate

Marco Rubio was the last best hope of the Republican Party, but when he tried to take on Donald Trump during the CNN Republican debate, he was completely squashed.


Rubio immediately went after Trump during a question on immigration for being fined for hiring illegal workers thirty years ago. Rubio tried to use Trump’s criticism of Romney for self-deportation as a point of hypocrisy. Trump said that he criticized Mitt Romney because he lost an election that Republicans should have won because he ran a terrible campaign against a “failed president.” Rubio meekly replied that he also believed that Republicans should have won.

Rubio went back to the fact that Trump was fined for illegally hiring people. Trump responded, “No, I’m the only one on the stage that’s hired, people. You’ve hired nobody. I’ve hired tens of thousands of people over my job. You’ve hired nobody. You’ve had nothing but problems with your credit cards etc., so don’t tell me about hiring people.”

Rubio did his best to get under Trump’s skin, but Trump brushed him off by saying be quiet, let me talk now. Trump treated Marco Rubio like a little boy who has no real world experience. Trump likely scored big points with Republican primary voters who are drawn to him because his self-promoted image of business success.

Marco Rubio tried to come after Trump and quickly learned that facts don’t matter to Trump. Sen. Rubio doesn’t seem to have the firepower or charisma to knock down Donald Trump.

As this fact is becoming more obvious, the Republican Party’s last best hope of stopping Trump is wilting right before their eyes on the Texas debate stage.