Obama Has Unleashed A Wave Of Liberalism That Is Surging Through The South


As pointed out by Steve Kornacki during MSNBC’s Super Tuesday coverage, there has been big growth in the number of Democrats calling themselves liberals during the Obama presidency.

Remember when liberal was a dirty word? Not any more.

We’ve been saying this throughout President Obama’s presidency, but here’s the proof. Under Obama, there has been a subtle but big paradigm shift toward proud liberalism. Here are some fascinating stats from southern states to prove it, via Super Tuesday exit polls from MSNBC:


Sixty-eight percent of Democratic primary voters in Virginia consider themselves liberals in 2016.

In Georgia, 56% voters in the Democratic primary consider themselves liberal.

In Tennessee, 62% of Democratic primary voters call themselves liberals.

In Alabama, 57% of Democratic primary voters consider themselves liberals.

Welcome to the new age of proud liberalism, brought to you by President Barack Obama, who stamped liberalism with a moral authority untouched by Republicans.

If Democrats find a way to get Southern Christians, it’s game over for Republicans.