Donald Trump Destroys His Campaign With Disastrous Press Conference Full Of Gibberish


Donald Trump burned his presidential campaign to the ground with a delusional press conference full of gibberish which proved that the Republican frontrunner is unfit to be president.



Trump’s press conference opened up with Chris Christie sounding like a hostage reading a statement about Trump’s greatness. Trump took the stage in one of his ballrooms that was dressed up to be a pretend White House for a pretend candidate.

Trump spent the event babbling on with his usual talking points about how much America sucks. Donald Trump took a special moment to praise his own courage for running for president.

The Republican front-runner used all of his same talking points but said them in a softer tone. When Trump finally took questions, he was asked about conservatives who say they won’t support Trump. He replied that if the Republican establishment doesn’t support him, they will lose everything. The billionaire then babbled about all of the states that he won tonight. Trump made the ridiculous statement that he was expanding the Republican Party. Trump then claimed that he is a unifier and that he will go after Hillary Clinton, “if she is allowed to run.” Trump promised that he would make the Republican Party bigger, more inclusive, and more unified.

Trump was asked about his defense of Planned Parenthood, which he said is doing what’s right. Donald Trump said Planned Parenthood has helped millions of women, and he is going to be very good on women’s health issues. He admitted that his support for Planned Parenthood was not the perfect conservative position. Trump thought that the media was, “being nice to him” by reporting his wins.

Later, Trump forgot what executive orders were while trying to criticize President Obama. Trump talked in circles, gave answers that contradicted themselves, and struggled with basic political terms and concepts. Donald Trump is selling the fact that he is a businessman, so he knows how to run a government. Trump later babbled on about how his wall along the Southern border was going to be as great as the Great Wall of China.

The Trump press conference was not only devoid of facts. It was detached from reality. As Donald Trump stood in his ballroom that was designed to look like a fake White House, it became clear what the Republican Party has done to itself. At one point, Trump proclaimed that he will get 25% of the African-American vote.

Trump’s press conference was the delusional act of a megalomaniac who is a danger to his country.