Republicans Stuck On Stupid As Uneducated Super Tuesday Voters Flock To Trump

In Vermont, as in other states, there is a great divide growing in the Republican Party and the line is education. According to an NBC News exit poll, Gov. John Kasich is in “neck-and-neck” battle with Donald Trump in a race that is as of this writing too close to call, separated by education, with Trump leading among those without a college degree.

In an NBC News exit poll:

Education has emerged as a major divide among the state’s Republican voters. Among those with a college education, Kasich has about a third of the vote and leads Trump narrowly. But among those without a college degree, Trump is ahead. College graduates accounted for about six in 10 Republican voters in the Vermont primary today.

The Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump fared particularly well with the high school graduates or less crowd in New Hampshire in an earlier primary, whereas Governor Kasich (R-OH) did well with the post grads, according to exit polling.

It’s not contained in just a few states (though I wouldn’t call these folks blue collar – there are plenty of blue collar Democrats who know how to vote in their own financial interest, proving that formal education isn’t necessarily indicative of intelligence):

The battle between Trump and Kasich in Vermont is akin to exploring the battle for the Republican party’s soul. It’s extremist pandering authoritarianism versus the establishment.

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