Republicans Wrecked As Newspapers Pummel The GOP With Demand They Do Their Jobs


What we have here is a failure to communicate. But for once, this failure is not on the part of Democrats. In fact, Democrats are hammering Senate Republicans for not doing their jobs when it comes to confirming President Obama’s Supreme Court nominee.

The Democratic Policy and Communications Center rounded up editorials from around the country that all tell Republicans to stop obstructing. Their message: “American People to GOP: Do Your Job”. 

To wit, per the DPCC on behalf of Senate Democrats:


WASHINGTON D.C. – ­Editorials and news coverage in local newspapers across America are reflecting the increased build up in public pressure on Senate Republicans refusing to fill the Supreme Court vacancy. Reports of constituent frustration with the unprecedented obstructionism of the GOP are widespread and are turning up the heat on Republicans for bowing to the most extreme, right-wing voices. Editorial Boards echo this dissatisfaction and blast Republicans for ignoring the Constitution and failing to do their job. Some Republicans have publicly distanced themselves from their party’s position.

A sampling of local clips and editorials from across the country is below:


  • Anniston Star: Sen. Sessions goes on strike [LINK]


  • Alaska Dispatch News: Murkowski draws fire over her takes on possible Supreme Court nominee [LINK]
  • Alaska Dispatch News: GOP, including Murkowski, closes ranks around Senate leader over Supreme Court nominee [LINK]
  • Seattle Post-Intelligencer: Alaska Sen. Murkowski does a flip flop on filling Supreme Court vacancy [LINK]


  • Arizona Republic: Why GOP isn’t fit to govern [LINK]
  • Arizona Republic: McCain flipflops on Supreme Court nomination [LINK]
  • Phoenix News-Times: John Mccain Says Next President Should Appoint Supreme Court Justice; Twitter Tells Him To Go Read Constitution [LINK]


  • The Elkhart Truth: Sen. Dan Coats playing along with Republicans on Supreme Court vacancy [LINK]
  • Terre Haute Tribune Star: Coats’ position embraces partisanship [LINK]
  • South Bend Tribune: Time to move on SCOTUS vacancy [LINK]


  • Des Moines Register: Tell Grassley to stop obstructing court nomination [LINK]
  • Des Moines Register: Former boss Grassley has lost my respect [LINK]
  • Des Moines Register: Temperature rises on Grassley as SCOTUS fight escalates [LINK]
  • Quad City Times: Democrats eye chances against Grassley [LINK]
  • Quad City Times: Grassley’s convenient hypocrisy [LINK]


  • Lexington Herald-Leader: McConnell supremely embarrassing [LINK]


  • Billings Gazette: Daines’ politicking epitomizes what’s wrong with Congress [LINK]


  • Omaha World-Herald: Lines are drawn ahead of Chuck Grassley’s meeting with Obama on Supreme Court vacancy [LINK]


  • Kelly Ayotte’s stance on a Supreme Court nominee is hurting her re-election chances, new poll says [LINK]
  • AP/Concord Monitor: In high court fight, Ayotte is just wrong [LINK]
  • Laconia Citizen: Sen. Ayotte puts politics before her constitutional duty [LINK]
  • Nashua Telegraph: Rules are clear on court appointment [LINK]
  • Nashua Telegraph: Stalemate, taken to the extreme [LINK]


  • Las Vegas Sun: Senate obligated to consider Supreme Court nominee [LINK]


  • Charlotte Observer: Do your job, Senators. Let the president do his with the Supreme Court [LINK]
  • Raleigh News & Observer: Storm over Supreme Court nomination an insult to office of presidency [LINK]
  • Raleigh News & Observer: Why Constitution cannot survive a politicized Supreme Court [LINK]
  • Lexington Herald-Leader: Could Supreme Court fight put Richard Burr’s Senate seat in play? [LINK]
  • Charlotte Observer: Tillis back in step with GOP over Supreme Court nomination [LINK]
  • Raleigh News & Observer: Tillis, other GOP senators defy duty to hold hearings on Supreme Court nominee [LINK]
  • Greensboro News & Record: A historic mistake [LINK]


  • Grand Forks Herald: Sen. Hoeven must fulfill constitutional duty [LINK]


  • Dayton Daily News: Portman attacked for stance on court vacancy [LINK]
  • Columbus Dispatch: Portman taking heat for support of Supreme Court nomination delay [LINK]
  • Toledo Blade: Trashing the Constitution [LINK]


  • Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: Courting disaster: Senate obstructionists reject the Constitution [LINK]
  • Herald-Standard: Poll: Toomey refusal to vote on USSC nominee could hurt in election [LINK]
  • Scranton Times-Tribune: Toomey strict obstructionist [LINK]
  • Philadelphia Tribune: Toomey berated for stance on judge [LINK]
  • Allentown Morning Call: Records don’t reflect Toomey’s claim on election-year court nominees [LINK]
  • Johnstown Tribune-Democrat: Casey, Toomey on opposite sides high court vacancy debate [LINK]
  • TribLive: Voters overrule Toomey’s Supreme Court objection [LINK]
  • CBS Pittsburgh: Up For Reelection, Senator Toomey Confronts Issues Like Supreme Court [LINK]
  • York Dispatch: Senate needs to think and vote [LINK]


  • Chattanoogan: Alexander And Corker Need To Talk Sense To Their Leadership [LINK]


  • Charleston Gazette Mail: GOP wants to bury Constitution with Justice Scalia [LINK]


  • Austin American-Statesman: Cornyn, GOP misread Constitution on choices to replace Scalia [LINK]
  • Dallas Morning News: Senate Republicans’ flat-out refusal to meet with Supreme Court nominee is scandalous [LINK]


  • Salt Lake Tribune: White House appeals to Hatch’s ‘constitutional duty’ to vote on Supreme Court nominee [LINK]


  • Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: Sen. Ron Johnson should break ranks on court nominee [LINK]
  • Wisconsin State Journal: High court pick deserves a hearing and vote [LINK]

This is the right message for Democrats to hammer Republicans with.  Democrats pivoted from the “constitutional crisis” message they first started on to this more simple message that resonates with every American who works for a living.


We all have to do our jobs and we pay Senate Republicans to sit around refusing to do theirs because they’re angry that the voters put President Obama in office.

Senate Republicans need to get to work and hear the message voters are sending them. But when it comes to the people and Republicans, there is often a failure to communicate. Senate Republicans are behaving like spoiled children, waiting for Donald Trump to get into the White House before they’ll actually show up to do the job they are paid to do and the job they are mandated by the Constitution to do. Their excuses for not showing up to work are so absurd there is no use even rebutting them.

Republicans have a job they are paid to do. The country wants them to stop whining and start working.

Correction 4:52 PM: Changed “Senate Democrats” to “Senate Republicans”.