Here Are The Winners And Losers From Super Tuesday

Here are the winners and losers from Super Tuesday.


1). Hillary Clinton – Clinton performed up to expectations and beyond, and picked off one of the states that Bernie Sanders was targeting. Hillary Clinton didn’t clinch the nomination on Super Tuesday, but she has put herself in a position to put a stranglehold on the Democratic nomination with victories in Michigan and Florida. Hillary Clinton won the big delegate prizes on Super Tuesday, and she is well on pace to be the Democratic nominee.

2). Donald Trump – Trump gave a nightmarish press conference full of gibberish, but he also did exactly what was expected of him. He rolled through the South, and looked viturally unstoppable by winning Virginia. Trump is benefitting from the Republican Party’s inability to rally around a challenger, but he is doing exactly what he needs to do to win the Republican nomination.

3). Bernie Sanders –
Sen. Sanders thought that he would win five Super Tuesday states, and he delivered on the first two by winning Vermont and Oklahoma. Sanders was crushed by Clinton in states with a larger percentage of African-American voters, but Sanders has proven that his political revolution is nationally viable, by winning in Colorado and Minnesota. Sanders delivered in 4 of the 5 states that his campaign targeted. No other candidate besides Clinton and Trump won as many states. The Sanders supporters should come out of Super Tuesday holding their heads high.

4). Ted Cruz – Ted Cruz won his home state of Texas and neighboring state Oklahoma but he was absolutely thumped by Trump with evangelical voters in the South. Cruz was a winner tonight, because unlike Rubio, he beat Trump in two Super Tuesday contests. Ted Cruz doesn’t have much of a path to the Republican nomination, but he has a more valid argument to remain in the Republican primary than any other GOP candidate.


1).Marco Rubio – Rubio suffered the most crushing loss of the night in Virginia. He was the Republican Party’s last best hope of stopping Donald Trump. Rubio is claiming that he can still win the nomination, but the reality is that he and Ted Cruz are splitting the anti-Trump vote and allowing the Republican frontrunner to run away with the nomination. Marco Rubio has taken to calling Donald Trump a con artist, but the senator from Florida is trying to pull a con of his own. Rubio won Minnesota, but it was a crushing night for the establishment’s last best hope.
3). John Kasich – A second place finish in Massachuettes