Donald Trump Comes Unglued And Accuses Mitt Romney Of Ruining His Living Room Carpet

Donald Trump responded to Mitt Romney calling him a phony by claiming that Mitt Romney ruined his living room carpet in 2012.

Video of Trump’s speech:

The Republican frontrunner said, “It wasn’t long before Trump went off the rails and said, “So with Mitt, I just wanted to tell you, he came out and was very nasty. I mean I thought he was a better person than that. I did help him. I did raise money for his campaign. I actually had two fundraisers for him. In fact, the first fundraiser was so successful that we had the second one that same day. His wife was a lovely woman. By the way, a really lovely woman. She came up. We had a fundraiser at my apartment in Trump Tower, and it was so over subscribed, I didn’t a great job. They couldn’t have cared less about him, in fact, a lot of them said, ‘Donald, he’s a stiff. He’s not going to win.’ I said, ‘Ah, he’ll be fine.’ He’s a stiff. I should have listened to the guy. But we had a fundraiser, and it was so big. It was raining out. I won’t forget this one. It was raining, and really raining. It was a miserable, miserable day. And the people came in hundreds of people phase one, and then we said there’s too many people to put them in one, so we called for another one an hour later after it ended one hour, and because everybody’s shoes were so wet, I ruined my carpet. This carpet was wiped out. That’s why I run. And nobody thanked me for the carpet. Hey, maybe I can send Mitt a bill for carpet ruined.”

Trump also addressed Romney by calling him a failed candidate. Trump said, “That was a race that should have been won.” Trump said that Romney would have dropped to his knees to get his endorsement. Trump attacked Romney for his 47% comments. Trump claimed that Romney took the last six weeks off of the 2012 campaign to get zoning for his nine-car garage. Trump said, “He let us down. He should have won. Something happened, and he went away.”

Donald Trump’s response to Mitt Romney’s critique was to call Romney a choke artist, loser, who ruined his living room carpet. Trump didn’t respond by answering Romney allegations that he is a fraud. Nope, Trump claimed that not all of his businesses have gone belly up then painted Mitt as ungrateful because Trump had his living room carpet ruined while hosting a pair of fundraisers for Romney and Mitt didn’t appreciate his sacrifice of carpet for the Republican cause.

The media won’t come out and say it because they view Trump as their rating meal ticket, but Republicans are so desperate to stop him because he is nuts. The more Trump wins, the more unglued he becomes.

Mitt Romney tried to put forth an argument for why Donald Trump should be stopped from becoming the Republican nominee. Trump responded by complaining about a ruined living room carpet. Donald Trump is the physical manifestation of the past decade of collective Republican crazy.

Donald Trump can’t be stopped with sanity or factual arguments. He is also carrying a grudge against Romney for ruining his carpet.