Megyn Kelly Destroys Donald Trump With His Own Words At Fox News Debate

Megyn Kelly showed why Donald Trump has been so afraid of facing her by completely owning him at the Fox News Republican debate.


Before the clips rolled, Megyn Kelly said, “Mr. Trump, one of the things that voters love about you is that they believe you tell it like it is, but time and time again in this campaign, you have told voters one thing then reversed yourself in weeks or even sometimes days.”

Kelly used three sets of clips of Trump giving differing statements on troops staying in Afghanistan, George W. Bush lying about Iraq, and whether the US should accept Syrian refugees.

Trump described his flip-flopping as being flexible. It is easy to see why Trump has been avoiding Megyn Kelly. She has owned Donald Trump during this debate. As bad as the video proof of his flip-flops was, Kelly’s later destruction of Trump on the Trump University case was worse. Megyn Kelly did what Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, and John Kasich can’t do. She ate Donald Trump for lunch.

Kelly seems to have Trump’s number, and thanks to her position as the future of Fox News, she can go after the Republican frontrunner in a way that other members of the corporate media are terrified to attempt. Donald Trump is having a bad night, and Megyn Kelly is a big reason why.