Ted Cruz Wins Kansas, Leads in Maine


Ted Cruz continues to play well in the Midwest. He took Iowa, and now he has claimed Kansas as well, despite Trump blowing off CPAC to appear there today. Trump was apparently worried, and with good reason.

With 95 percent of the vote in, this is how it looks:

Cruz 48.4%
Trump 23.5%
Rubio 16.5%


Cruz is also leading in Maine with 43 percent with nine percent in. Trump has 36 percent and Kasich 11.

This has lead Laura Ingraham to tweet, “Impressive wins in Maine & Kansas tonight for @TedCruz. Now the Establishment has someone else to really worry about.”

That might to be laying it on a bit thick. Cruz has yet to position himself as a serious contender for the throne Trump has already claimed, though a couple of Trump defeats might slow his momentum enough to turn this into an actual race.

Anti-Trump Republicans are hopeful that there will be a “Romney effect.” It is too soon to tell if this is true, and Republican pundits should be careful of indulging in Republican math merely because they so badly want something to be true.