In Ugliest Rally Yet Trump Supporters Shove African-Americans While Spewing Hate

Donald Trump’s Friday night New Orleans event was even worse than you’ve come to expect from Trump events.

Donald Trump sneered his contempt as more than two dozen protesters linked arms to chant “Black Lives Matter” in response to Trump’s refusal to immediately disavow the endorsement of white supremacist David Duke, a former Ku Klux Klan leader, while other protesters were dragged forcibly out of the Landmark Aviation hangar. Protesters carried signs saying, “Your Hate Is Killing People”.

Ali Vitali of NBC News captured a mob of Trump supporters shoving black protesters while screaming “All lives matter!”

Watch here:

More from Jeremy Diamond of CNN:

That wasn’t the only violent encounter during the New Orleans event. A young woman was forcefully dragged out.

As the rabid crowd looked ready to devour protesters, Trump sneered, “Not another one. Get out of here. Get out! This is one wild evening.”

There were a half-dozen disruptions during the Republican presidential front-runner’s campaign event, according to CNN.

The group of protesters were one of a half-dozen interruptions by protesters during Trump’s rally.

Security personnel — including event security, police officers and several former members of Trump’s private security detail dressed in civilian clothes — took at least six minutes to eject the protesters, several of whom forcefully resisted being led out of the venue.

Trump peppered his speech with “Friend or foe?” to disruptions, saying he didn’t mind friends but foe, “Get them the hell out, right?! Get that guy outta here. Get him out! Do we love our police? Get him out! Wise guy. He’s a wise guy. Alright, yeah, you take him down.”

Watch Trump’s angle here:

“Stupid people,” Trump shrugged to wild, hungry cheers from his supporters as the police “took down” his “foe”.

Trump was forced to take back his refusal to disavow the KKK endorsement with a cheap excuse akin to the dog ate his homework (his ear piece wasn’t working – no seriously), but his excuse was flimsy and quickly exposed.

For those who say you can’t blame Trump for this, that might be passable if he weren’t egging it on. Not only are Trump’s purported policies playing on racial hatred, but when you toss red meat to a crowd of raging animals, there’s going to be a fight.

Additionally, Vox has pointed out, “But Trump has condoned and called for this behavior in the past:”

• When two Boston men assaulted a homeless Mexican man while citing Trump’s name, Trump didn’t condemn the behavior, instead saying his supporters are “passionate.”
• After a protest interrupted a Trump rally in November, he said that the protester was “so obnoxious and so loud” that “maybe he should have been roughed up.”
• During another protest at a Trump rally in February, Trump said, “There’s a guy, totally disruptive, throwing out punches, and we aren’t allowed to punch back anymore. I love the old days. You know what they used to do to guys like that when they were in a place like this? They used to carry them out in a stretcher.”

Donald Trump is unleashing a monster of hate upon this country, taking up where Sarah Palin left off. Both of them Republicans, both of them doing the ugly work of the party, and both of them the worst sort of deliberately ignorant vulgarian with too much ego to ever hope they might eventually touch base with reality or civility.