Trump’s Bad Night Gets Even Worse As He Gets Crushed By Ted Cruz In Maine

After getting crushed in the state of Kansas by Ted Cruz, Donald Trump was defeated by Cruz in Maine.

In Kansas, Cruz crushed Trump 48%-23%. Trump may rebound with wins in Kentucky and Louisana, but what is clear is that the Republican campaign to stop Trump from capturing the nomination is having an impact. Cruz overperformed even in the states that Trump won. The media had spread the myth that Trump was made of Teflon, and that negative press did not stick to him.

What does seem to be sticking to Trump is the negative coverage of his rallies combined with a series of relentless attacks on him by a Republican Party that is unified in nothing but denying him the nomination. The attacks are coming from all directions on Trump, and they may be having an impact.

The problem for Republicans remains that Trump is winning enough to keep piling up delegates. The end game is the same for the GOP. John Kasich needs to win Ohio, and Marco Rubio must win Florida to deny Trump the delegates that he needs to clinch the nomination. The winner take all states on the Republican side will be Trump or bust for the GOP.

The myth of Trump’s inevitability has been shattered. Donald Trump will hold a press conference on Saturday night where he will bluster and swagger, but the Trump sales pitch is running into a counter pitch that Trump is a con man fake conservative who can’t be trusted and won’t win in November.