Here Are The Winners And Losers Of Super Saturday

Last updated on September 25th, 2023 at 01:55 pm

Bernie Sanders got two needed wins while Donald Trump got a reality check among the Super Saturday winners and losers.

Super Saturday Winners:

1). Bernie Sanders – Bernie Sanders got two badly needed wins in Nebraska and Kansas and reasserted his electability argument. After losing all of the big delegate prizes on Super Tuesday, Sen. Sanders needed to win an election night. Sanders got a boost out of Saturday, and as attention turns to Michigan, he has given his supporters a little extra fire ahead of a must-win primary.

2). Ted Cruz –
Ted Cruz strengthened his case that he should be the Republican to take on Donald Trump one on one with a dominant win in the Kansas caucuses, and a solid win in the Maine Republican caucus. There is now one clear Trump alternative in the GOP field, and it is Ted Cruz.

3). Hillary Clinton –
The Clinton train keeps rolling along. Bernie Sanders won two caucuses, but Hillary Clinton stuck to her strategy and won another big delegate Southern state. Hillary Clinton may come out of Super Saturday having added to her delegate lead. By this point in the campaign, the race for the nomination is all about the delegate count, and nothing that happened on Saturday took away from the idea that Clinton is in the driver’s seat for the Democratic nomination.

Listen to Jason Easley and Sarah Jones discuss the winners and losers:

Super Saturday Losers:

1). Marco Rubio – Marco Rubio had a horrific Super Saturday. He lost in every contest. Rubio had zero second place finishes and was completely blown out in Kansas. Rubio has 11% of the vote in Louisiana, 16.7% of the vote in Kentucky, and 8% in Maine. Sen. Rubio is the candidate who the establishment put their money on, and he has completely flopped. Rubio must win Florida, or he has no purpose in the race.

2). Donald Trump – Trump tried to sell the strength of his campaign at a “press conference,” but the truth is that he was seriously dinged on Super Saturday. The media was running with the storyline that Trump’s nomination was inevitable, but Cruz demonstrated that in closed primaries and caucuses that Trump can be beaten. Donald Trump’s base of support remains white conservatives in the Deep South. However, whether or not Trump wins the nomination will come down to whether or not he wins Ohio and Florida.

3). John Kasich – Kasich still thinks that he has a chance to win the Republican nomination, but the reality is that Kasich’s main role is to do his part to deny delegates to Trump. Kasich’s national future is will depend on the Republican primary in Ohio. If Kasich wins his home state, he will help the Republican Party deny Trump the delegates that he needs to clinch the nomination. A Kasich win would open the door to the party’s eventual nominee putting him on the ticket as the vice presidential nominee. A Trump win means that Kasich will likely have no shot at being on the ticket and will be heading back to Ohio sooner rather than later.

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