CNN Tries To Divide Democrats With Deplorable Stunts At Democratic Debate

Anderson Cooper needs to stop trying to drum up drama between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders and start focusing on issues.

While the candidates need to show their differences and debate the issues, at times, the debate has become hotly intense in an unnecessary way, especially given that the two candidates agree on many issues and differ in execution and degree.

Whether it was reading tweets that the campaigns sent out about each other, or asking loaded questions, it was clear that CNN was bored with talking about policies and the needs of the people of Flint, so after giving the greatest health crisis in modern American history one segment, Anderson Cooper began trying to play up conflict and division.

The media has long believed that the American people are too stupid to care about the issues. Once news became a profit center for big corporate owned media companies, presidential debates were no longer about informing voters. Presidential debates have become entertainment spectacles where the candidates are supposed to throw mud and act like cartoonish buffoons.

The cable networks condemn the Republican presidential debates, but they do everything in their power to create drama. The debate in Flint was supposed to be about the people in Flint, but doing their civic duty wasn’t going to be enough for CNN.

Luckily, for Democrats Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders quickly saw through what CNN was trying to do. Even when the Democratic candidates get a little tense in their exchanges, they remain civil.

CNN’s attempt to destroy Democratic Party unity was failing, but it is deplorable that the network tried to create conflict instead of educating voters.