Hillary Clinton Leaves Fox Whining And Whimpering After Dominating Fox News Town Hall

Fox News’ Bret Baier tried to trip up Hillary Clinton on foreign policy, her emails, and abortion, but the former Sec. of State delivered a dominant performance.

Clinton was asked a loaded question about Libya, which she put in context and answered comprehensively. Bret Baier followed up with a second loaded question about a child having rights before it is born. Former Sec. Clinton took apart the Fox host’s biased question, and completely derailed the effort to make her look like a “baby killer.” Baier then asked about Clinton’s emails, and she quickly destroyed all of his questions and took on the misinformation being spread about her emails. Clinton wore Baier down as he tried to press on the emails. She played the Colin Powell card and said that she agrees Powell that all of the emails should be released.


Former Sec. Clinton was asked how she expects to get anything down when compromise is a bad word. She discussed her record of working with Republicans on the CHIP program and reforming the adoption and foster care system. In the Senate, she said she worked with nearly all of the Republicans that she served with. She said finding common ground is not easy, but that is what she will do. Clinton added that when she is not running for something, Republicans say really nice things about her.

Listen to Sarah Jones and Jason Easley discuss Clinton and Sanders crushing Fox News bias:

It was obvious early on that the point of the town hall, at least from Fox News’ point of view was to attack Clinton’s time as Secretary of State and her emails. On both counts, Fox News failed.

Clinton got fired up when asked about her education plan, and then on a question about the ACA, she talked about getting costs down, providing more free services, and lowering prescription drug prices. Clinton said that the country needed more competition for the insurance companies and more competition from non-profits.

Baier asked Clinton why she was not winning with young people and young women. Clinton said that she is going to keep working to help young people whether they support her now or not. Clinton was asked by 13-year-old questioner whether she considers Sen. Sanders an enemy or an ally. She said, “Oh, an ally.” She then explained the difference between her and Sen. Sanders are doing, and what the Republicans are doing in their primary.

Clinton was strong and showed exactly why Fox News is so afraid of her potential victory in November.