Trump Helps Democrats As 9% Of Michigan GOP Will Vote For Clinton If Trump Wins

A poll of Michigan Republicans contained some devastating news for the GOP. If Donald Trump is the Republican nominee, 9% of Republican voters will vote for Hillary Clinton in November.

According to the new Monmouth University Poll, “If Trump emerges as the GOP nominee, 7-in-10 Michigan Republican primary voters (71%) say they would get behind him in a general election against Hillary Clinton. However, 9% would actually vote for Clinton. While the following responses were not offered in the poll question itself, 4% volunteer that they would vote 3rd party, 9% say they would not vote at all, and 7% are not sure what they would do.

There isn’t a single state that President Obama carried in 2012 that Donald Trump will be able to flip to the Republican column in 2016. The idea that Trump is any way electable is a myth that is being pushed by the mainstream press and Donald Trump. Hillary Clinton is getting more than Trump. Most of the increase in Republican turnout is coming from Republicans who are trying to stop Trump from winning his party’s nomination.

Contrary to what he states during his speeches, Donald Trump is not a uniter who will bring the Republican Party together. The truth is that Trump could push somewhere in the neighborhood of 10% of Republicans to cross over and vote for Hillary Clinton. A Trump nomination will cause many other Republican voters to stay home.

If Republicans nominate Donald Trump, they will be helping Democrats to keep the White House and win back control of the US Senate. A good rule of thumb for viewers who are watching Trump speak is that they should take the opposite of everything that he says as truth. Trump isn’t bringing millions of new voters to the Republican Party. The data suggests that Trump is not growing the Republican Party. He is shrinking it down to its most extremist fringe. While a majority of Republicans will hold their and support Trump if he wins the nomination, a substantial percentage will cross over and vote for Hillary Clinton, or not vote at all.

A Trump nomination will be both a disaster for the Republican Party and the easiest path to a generation-defining’ victory for Democrats in November.