Bernie Sanders Shocks The Political World By Winning The Michigan Primary

A win that nobody saw coming came true, as Bernie Sanders finally had a close election go his way with a big upset of Hillary Clinton in Michigan.

The NBC News exit polling hinted that the state was going to go for Clinton. By a margin of 52%-29%, Michigan Democratic primary voters said that they would rather continue President Obama’s policies over having more liberal policies. Former Sec. Clinton has embraced the continuation of President Obama’s policies. By a margin of 56%-31%, Michigan Democrats said that trade agreements take jobs away from US workers.

The split that was signaled in the exit polls indicated a potentially very close election in Michigan, and it was an election that went to Bernie Sanders. Clinton and Sanders fought hard for Michigan. Both campaigns spent millions of dollars and loads of precious time in the state. The win does not bring Sanders much closer to wiping out Clinton’s big delegate lead, but Sen. Sanders has proven that he can win a state with a substantial African-American electorate.

Here are Sarah Jones and Jason Easley discussing Bernie Sanders’ big Michigan win:

Bernie Sanders has pulled off the political shocker of the year. The candidate that has defied all expectations done it one more time. Bernie Sanders isn’t going anywhere. His campaign needed a miracle, and they got it. Sanders will raise a ton of money off of the win, and he now has a surge of momentum as the Democratic race heads into Ohio.