Bernie Sanders Plans To Sweep Through The Industrial Midwest After Michigan Win

Bernie Sanders told supporters that the door was open to win the industrial Midwest thanks to his win in Michigan.

In a statement after his Michigan win, Sen. Sanders said:

I am grateful to the people of Michigan for defying the pundits and pollsters and giving us their support. This is a critically important night. We came from 30 points down in Michigan and we’re seeing the same kind of come-from-behind momentum all across America.

Not only is Michigan the gateway to the rest of the industrial Midwest, the results there show that we are a national campaign. We already have won in the Midwest, New England and the Great Plains and as more people get to know more about who we are and what our views are we’re going to do very well.

Bernie Sanders is the only non-frontrunner in either party who is capable of pulling off an upset like Michigan. The Sanders campaign is benefiting for the clarity of their message and the consistency of their candidate.

Here are Sarah Jones and Jason Easley discussing Bernie Sanders’ big Michigan win:

As nice as the Michigan win is for them, the cruel political reality is that Michigan has only opened the door for Sanders to fight another day. He is still trailing Hillary Clinton in the delegate count and is facing another big night of must-win states in one week.

When Bernie Sanders first launched his campaign, he was dismissed by the pundits and talking head class in DC. The media has never understood Sen. Sanders. He is not a carnival sideshow act like Donald Trump. Sanders doesn’t play by the same set of rules that demand a super PAC and attack ads.

What Sen. Sanders does have is authenticity. His message and his sincerity are registering with voters. If there is one lesson that the mainstream media should take away from Michigan, it is that they should never count out Bernie Sanders.