Chuck Grassley Digs The Hole Deeper By Claiming He Trusts Trump More Than Obama

Last updated on July 17th, 2023 at 06:48 pm

Senate Judiciary Chair Chuck Grassley (R-IA) would trust Donald Trump to nominate the next Supreme Court Justice over the sitting President.

Jason Noble of the Des Moines Register asked the Republican Senator, whose job it is to lead the hearings on Supreme Court Justice nominees, what he thinks about Donald Trump picking the next nominee and Grassley responded he would wait until the nomination was sewn up.

“I think I’m going to reserve comment on any nomination (until) after they’re nominated. So I think your question would be very appropriate when someone gets the nomination sewn up.”

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To wit:

Hmmm… Just days ago, Grassley told Des Moines Register columnist Kathie Obradovich that his refusal to do his job as Judiciary Chair “has nothing to do about a person.” You see, Grassley would refuse to hold a hearing on any Obama nominee, no matter how qualified or even if that person were a Republican.

But if a Republican is in the White House, the Fascist leaning Donald Trump no less, Grassley will indeed give the nominee consideration and it would be all about the person, “I think I’m going to reserve comment on any nomination (until) after they’re nominated.

Grassley will reserve comment on a Trump nominee but he already knows he hates any Obama nominee, even before he knows their name.

So if Donald Trump is elected, it will have everything to do with a person, but as long as President Obama is in the White House, Grassley won’t even consider the person who gets a nomination “sewn up”.

Within hours of Justice Scalia’s death, Senate Republicans had already decided to refuse to do their job. Their big idea was to pretend they wanted to leave it up to the people. But that didn’t make any sense, because the people had already voted and they chose Obama, twice, and by a large margin. There is no legitimate reason to refuse to hold a hearing and confirm an Obama nominee.

Eight years ago Grassley passionately made the case that the Senate should confirm then President Bush’s judicial nominees, even during the last few months of his term. But now, with little under a year left, Grassley has decided that he should refuse to even hold a hearing.

Grassley announced, along with 10 other Senate Republicans on the Senate Judiciary Committee, that he will not even hold a hearing for an Obama nominee.

Chuck Grassley would rather let Donald Trump, the bigoted, racist, wall building, Muslim banning, press-attacking, anti-freedom Republican pick the next Supreme Court Justice than to let the President chosen by the people execute his rightful authority. Donald Trump doesn’t even understand the basics about the three branches of government, so Grassley’s willingness to toss the court to Trump is partisan hackery at its worst.

Republicans can start putting their country and the people of this country ahead of their party at any moment. We’re all waiting.

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