Republicans Have Gone Completely Insane As Ted Cruz Mocks Trump For His Steaks

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) might have won Idaho last night, but Republican front-runner Trump took home the big prizes of Michigan, Mississippi and Hawaii.


Speaking in Miami today after accepting Carly Fiorina’s endorsement, Cruz mocked Donald Trump’s bizarre “press conference”, in which reporters were not miked and were so far in the back of the room that their questions were impossible to hear. To be fair, there was much to mock, including “Trump steaks” that might have been Bush steaks, Trump water, and Trump wine that he tried to give the press after humiliating them and mocking them on live TV.

“I don’t have any steaks to sell you. I don’t have any wine. I don’t have any cleaning products,” Cruz said, referring to Donald Trump’s shameless product promotion during his live press conference. “This isn’t about us. This is about you. This is about your children. This is about the future of this country.”

“The only hand-raising I’m looking forward to is on January 20,” Cruz continued, referencing Donald Trump’s request to have his supporters raise their right hand in a “pledge” to him, a move that many see as too similar to the Hitler salute.

Taken in context with Trump’s Fascist dictator type promises, platform of building a wall and kicking Muslims out of the country, the treatment of protesters at his rallies and vows to shut down the freedom of the press, the gesture has taken on an ominous tone.

Donald Trump is easy to mock and Ted Cruz is just the guy to do it.