Friday Fox Follies – Elections, Erections, and Deflections

In case you haven’t heard there’s an election going on. This as Fox “News” continues its attempt to influence the electorate. Like when, during last week’s debate, Donald Trump Broke The Fox News Debate Rules – And Fox News Let Him Do It.

To remind you: That was the debate in which Donald Trump talked about his junk. Fox “News” was unprepared for the barrage of criticism for the debate it hosted, even from some people inside the tent. First a Fox News Focus Group Rips ‘Disgusting,’ ‘Sophomoric,’ Debate, and then Fox’s Krauthammer Calls Rhetoric At Fox News GOP Debate “The Lowest Point Of Political Discourse” In Decades. Maybe that’s why last night’s debate was such a mild and gentle affair, without any of the fireworks of previous GOP debates.

Meanwhile, that’s not all Krauthammer had to say on the topic of Trump. You can Watch Charles Krauthammer Eviscerate Donald Trump’s Bizarre Press Conference. “That was reality television”: Charles Krauthammer annihilates Donald Trump’s victory presser/infomercial:

“I don’t think I’ve ever heard such a stream of disconnected ideas since I quit psychiatry 30 years ago,” Charles Krauthammer told Fox News host Brett Baier. “I think people have a sense of humor about him, which is good because otherwise they’d be terrified.”
Trump gave Krauthammer a positive shoutout during the presser, to which the latter responded, “Having lost all that money at the casino betting against Trump, it’s the least he could have done for me.”

There were a couple of other negatives things said about Trump on Fox “News” this week…

Dilbert creator Scott Adams tells Fox News Trump “isn’t just changing politics, he’s changing the human condition”Alan Colmes: Trump’s ‘Unity’ May Only Unite Factions Of White SupremacistsFox pundit: Trump can ‘unite warring factions of white supremacists’ within the GOPCedric the Entertainer rattles Fox & Friends: Trump tans by wiping orange ‘Cheetos’ on his face

…or positive things about his rivals…

Fox’s Tucker Carlson: Ted Cruz Has Been Successful Because He “Changed His Message” To Sound More Like TrumpRush Limbaugh tries to convince skeptical Fox host that Cruz is just like Reagan: ‘He’s a likable guy!’

…but for the most part, Fox “News” continued to defend The Orange One because it was the first station to allow him to be Phoning It In And The Media’s Trump Surrender. To wit:

Donald Trump tells Fox campaigning is like The Apprentice: You win if you are not ‘boring’ • Jeanine Pirro Warns Mitt Romney, ‘Be Very, Very Careful’ And ‘Do Not Disrespect’ Donald TrumpTrump Gets Ripped By Countries Around The World – And Fox Helps Pretend It Never HappenedFox’s Bolling Defends Donald Trump Rally Salute By Arguing Erin Andrews Is “Also A Nazi” For Raising Right Hand In CourtroomFox’s Bolling Echoes Limbaugh, Says A Contested Convention Would Threaten The “Credibility” Of The GOPFox’s Charles Payne: Trump’s Plan To Mass Deport Immigrant Families “Might Be The Only Solution”

Not the Final Solution?

With that knee-jerk defense of the indefensible, one has to wonder why Trump Trashes Fox for Umpteenth Time Over ‘Biased and Disgusting Reporting,’ unless it’s just for show at this point.

Because Fox is certainly not telling you how a Trump Campaign Manager Manhandles Female Breitbart Reporter, even though that reporter is its sometimes contributor Michelle Fields. It’ll be interesting to see how Fox “News” covers the story now that Trump [claims]: Breitbart Reporter Michelle Fields ‘Made Up’ Alleged Lewandowski Assault.

‘LECTION LEFTOVERS: Donald Trump Thinks Americans Go To The Doctor And ‘Say Give Me Everything Under The Kitchen Sink’Watch How Fox News (Barely) Covered Bernie Sanders’ Upset Win In MichiganFox’s Cavuto Pushes John Kasich To Accept VP SlotDid Fox’s Neil Cavuto Try To Talk Mitt Romney Into Running For President?Fox Contributor: Rubio Is “Embarrassing Himself” The Longer He Stays In Presidential RaceOn Fox News Sunday, Rush Limbaugh Hypes Ted Cruz As “Likable,” “Conservative,” And Trustworthy

How many more months of this?

THIN-SKINNED OR FORESKIN? Last week Friday Fox Follies lamented how Culture Warrior Bill O’Reilly decided his love affair with Donald Trump’s Junk takes precedence over his despair at the coarsening of society. This week he hit a new low, setting up one false equivalency after another, in O’Reilly Defends Trump’s Racist, Fascist Behavior – Because Liberals:

O’Reilly assured us that he’s not (completely) in the tank for Trump. “This memo is not a campaign ad for Trump,” he announced. “I know for a fact that some very bad people are trying to exploit his campaign to disguise racial and social hatred, they’re doing that. Donald Trump should loudly condemn that and tone down some of his own inflammatory rhetoric.  Just tell us what you want to do, no need to incite.”
But, clearly, “inflammatory rhetoric” is a minor thing to O’Reilly (and beating up the press and protesters not even worth a mention) compared to the evil that Trump is battling.
Not only, that, the Democrats are just as bad: “Same thing is happening with the Bernie Sanders crew, where some haters are supporting Bernie in order to tear down marketplace freedoms and inflict pain on prosperous Americans,” O’Reilly continued.
In other words, Trump is another of what Jon Stewart comically described as a “GOP Special Victim.”
O’REILLY: The cold truth is charges of racism and fascism are easy smears designed to stop freedom of expression and stifle debate.
It was a neat trick by O’Reilly there, to portray his debate-stifling pal as a “freedom of expression” avenging martyr.
I think Trump owes you a milkshake for that one, Bill.

However, The Falafel King’s audience was beginning to see through his Trump fawning. That’s why he felt the need to defend himself and/or Trump:

Bill O’Reilly rejects viewer complaints about Trump debate interview: I ‘keep it all real and fair’Bill O’Reilly savages Fox News viewers for “creating their own world” and “losing complete touch with what is actually taking place”Bill O’Reilly Defends Trump From Comparison To FascistsBill O’Reilly: People Who Are “Nativist” And “Don’t Want The Immigrants Here … Are All In Trump’s Camp”Bill O’Reilly Says It’s Insulting To Call Donald Trump Or His Supporters NazisO’Reilly: Trump’s Not the One Acting Like a Nazi, His Critics Are!

Yet, nothing appeases Trump. Even Trump’s favorite TV hosts, Scarborough and O’Reilly, can’t avoid feuding with him:

Until this week, however, the Republican front-runner has seemed to genuinely value maintaining a friendly rapport with two of the biggest stars in cable news, in particular: MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough and Fox News Channel’s Bill O’Reilly. He’s been a frequent guest on both of their programs — while feuding with their bosses, at times — and he has praised the two TV hosts for treating him fairly, despite some tough questions and sharp critiques.
Trump’s interactions with Scarborough and O’Reilly suggested an acknowledgment that even a self-styled outsider who defies political convention needs to stay on good terms with at least a couple of media types. The billionaire real estate magnate has delighted his acolytes by waging war on most of the media, yet he appeared to believe it was important for these two prominent pundits to take him seriously — and, at minimum, not demonize him like so many others.
But in a matter of days, Trump appears to have damaged both relationships to a point where it is unclear whether he can still count on the kind of cordial coverage he has enjoyed throughout the campaign season. If he cares about preserving positive relations with Scarborough and O’Reilly, he sure isn’t acting like it.

However, you’ve got to give Loofah Lad credit for one thing: He’s found a way to write off a trip to England and, maybe, make a few Euros while he’s there:


However, the best part is that The Falafel King is being labeled a comedian.

American Comedians Bill O’Reilly and Dennis Miller will be bringing their ‘Who Wants to Be President’ tour to London’s Eventim Apollo on 5th August. With their unique mix of political commentary and good-natured humour, in addition to the duo’s great rapport, this is one show you do not want to miss.

However, Dennis Miller will be happy that someone — somewhere — considers him a comedian.

How much will these funny guys cost? Do you want to fork over £391.25 ($553.70) for the undefined VIP Experience? Under that there are 3 tiers of tix: £96.00 ($135.95), £74.00 ($104.79), or £52.00 ($73.64).

Who’s up for a Road Trip to England?

THE BLAME GAME: Ever since it looked like [alleged] Fascist Donald Trump might win the GOP nomination Fox was looking for someone else to blame.

Early in the week Chris Wallace Ignores Fox’s Role In Legitimizing Trump While Pressing Romney On Accepting Trump’s 2012 Endorsement. It seems hypocritical when Fox’s Chris Wallace grills Romney: Is Trump your fault for ‘legitimizing’ his birther campaign in 2012? despite how Fox helped legitimize Trump’s birther campaign.

After Chris Wallace Confronts Mitt Romney For ‘Legitimizing’ Donald Trump in 2012 didn’t catch hold as a meme, then Conservatives Blame Obama For Creating Trump With Partisanship, Despite Republican Vows Of Gridlock. It’s sad when Not even Fox News wants to delve too deeply “inside the mind of a Trump voter,” just blames Obama for Trump’s ascendance instead. Even so-called straight news show, Fox’s Special Report Hypes Claim Obama Is At Fault For Trump’s Rise, while Bill O’Reilly [also] Blames President Obama For The Rise Of Donald Trump.

IRONY ALERT: Too loony for Fox News: Fox created the fact-free GOP, then Trump stole it away.

FOX DEMOCRATIC TOWN HALL: In a little notice story Fox News tried to set up a Trump-Sanders debate — and almost succeeded. When Senator Bernie Sanders agreed to a Fox hosted Town Hall, but before Hillary Clinton signed on, Fox thought it had a ratings winner by pitting Trump against Sanders mano y mano. Once Clinton changed her mind, the Fox “News” audience got the Unfair and Imbalanced Democratic debate that everyone expected:

Fox Correspondent: Democratic Town Hall Meeting Gives Fox News A Chance To “Press” Clinton On EmailsFox Co-Host Wants Hillary Clinton Grilled About Her Emails During Fox News Democratic TownhallFox’s Bret Baier Devotes 8 Town Hall Questions To Clinton’s Email • CNN’s Cuomo: “It Was Interesting That” Fox News “Didn’t Have More Ammo” On Clinton Emails At Town HallFox News’ Abortion Questions During Democratic Town Hall Ignored Legal Rights For WomenFox Town Hall Moderator ‘Just Asks’ Sanders If He Thinks Clinton Is ‘Not Honest And Trustworthy’

A reminder: FFF is still holding a contest for the person who first spots a positive story on Hillary Clinton broadcast on Fox.

IRONY ALERT #2: Odd that the most Aryan-looking Fox anchor [said]: ‘We can all relate’ to having Jewish grandparents in concentration camps. Yes, Fox & Friends’ Ainsley Earhardt declares “we can all relate” to life as a Jew in “a Russian concentration camp” during a segment about Dustin Hoffman’s heartfelt tears on Finding Your Roots after learning several members of his family were executed.

Co-host Steve Doocy blandly remarked that the program was “powerful” and left it at that — but Earhardt had something to add.
“We can all relate to that,” she said. “You think about what your grandparents did, to get you a better life, and what your parents did to get you a better life. It’s pretty remarkable.”
Doocy, for once aware that he didn’t want to touch something with a ten-foot pole, said “it is indeed,” then segued into the next segment.

What’s odd is that that’s not the religion she usually relates to. A self-proclaimed religious Christian, Ainsley Earhardt God Blesses Anti-Gay Fire Chief “Fired For Faith”:

Today, state supported Christianity fan Ainsley Earhardt hosted Atlanta fire chief Kelvin Cochran who claims that he was fired because of his Christianity. However, according to the Atlanta Constitution, Cochran was fired not for his faith but because he distributed copies of a book he has written, in which he equates homosexuality with bestiality and pedophilia, to his fellow employees. As such, Mayor Kasim Reed believed that the presence of this book, in the workplace, was a violation of city policy could open up the city to discrimination complaints.
But such details weren’t important to good Christian and new Fox & Friends host Ainsley Earhardt who, in her patented Fox & Friends “Fight for Faith” segment, informed us that Cochran’s firing was an example of “faith under fire.” Reinforcing the patented Fox News persecuted Christian meme, she reported that Cochran believes that he was “fired for his Christian beliefs in a self-help book.” She noted that Cochran is suing Atlanta because “he believes that he is being discriminated against.” The banner underscored the agitprop: “Fired for Faith? Chief Says He Lost Job for Religious Book.”

But, it’s all the same God, right Ainsley? RIGHT?


Nancy Reagan Dies,
Attack Mrs. Obama

Fox host uses Nancy Reagan’s death
to bash liberals: She ‘was everything
feminists should aspire to be’

MEGYN KELLY: This is the section in which FFF proves week after week that Megyn Kelly is not a straight news anchor. Rather, she’s a biased propagandist just like the rest of the network, only blonder:

Megyn to Wasserman Schultz: GOPers May Be ‘Vulgar,’ But None of Them May Face IndictmentMegyn Kelly: Trump’s Unscripted Campaign Is a ‘Breath of Fresh Air’Megyn Kelly Smears Democrats With The GOP Talking Point About Offering ‘Free Stuff’


Watch the venomous Jesse Watters’ face
melt after he asks which candidate
“the poorly educated” people he’s
mocking overwhelmingly support


Fox’s Ablow: Erin Andrews Could
“Make The Same Amount” Of Money
If She “Let Herself Be Seen Naked” As
She Won In Unauthorized Video Lawsuit

On International Women’s
Day, A Look Back At A Year Of
Sexist Commentary From Fox


Gay Fox News Contributor Guy
Benson: Gay People Should Be
More Tolerant of Discrimination

Out Fox News Contributor Says
‘Gay People Should Be More
Tolerant of Discrimination’

FOX BYTES: Rupert Murdoch And Jerry Hall Are MarriedClinton Surrogate: Fox News Partly to Blame for Untrustworthy Hillary ‘Myth’Fox’s Gutfeld: Hillary Clinton’s Greatest “Sin” Is That She “Doesn’t Care About Men’s Concerns”Univision Democratic Debate Revives Benghazi Myth Pushed By Fox NewsFox’s Stuart Varney: FCC Proposal To Expand Internet Access For Needy Families Is “Ridiculous”Bill O’Reilly’s Irish sin in “Killing Reagan”Fox pundit blows off ‘99.9% of scientists’: Denying climate change is ‘what the 1st Amendment is about’Fox’s Cavuto Asks Grassley, ‘Why Not Just Go Ahead’ With Confirmation Hearing?Fox Contributor Equates “Liberals On College Campuses” To The Nazi “Brown Shirts”

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