Obama White House Blasts Trump for Justifying Violence Against Reporters

The White House is blasting Donald Trump for his justification of violence against reporters at his campaign events.

While meeting with reporters aboard Air Force One, White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest said, “There is no excuse or justification for acts of violence against reporters who are covering a political event. The White House, like many other people including other Republicans, has been concerned by the invective and taunting that’s been directed at journalists covering a political event. It’s totally inappropriate, its not consistent with the standards of political discourse that should be observed by anybody seeking the highest elected office in the greatest country in the world.”

Earnest added that Trump’s rhetoric is having an impact on the way that other countries view the US, “People around the world are watching and the tone and tenor of that debate does have an impact on the way people around the world see the United States.”

Donald Trump has created the climate for the violence and has even gone as far as to justify the violent acts by his supporters. Trump argued that his supporters should swing at protesters at his rallies, “He was swinging, he was hitting people and the audience hit back. That’s what we need a little bit more of.”

Trump thinks that violence against the media and those who oppose him is his path to the White House. Donald Trump is encouraging violence against innocent people. There is no justification for what his campaign manager is accused of doing to a reporter. There is no justification for Trump supporters to act violently towards protesters.

The White House is correct. The culture of animosity towards the media and violence against the press is being driven and led by Donald Trump. The Republican Party has shown itself to be completely inept and powerless when to comes to controlling Trump, so it is going to be up to the rest of the country.

The best way to control Donald Trump is to vote against him. Since Republicans are refusing to unify around a candidate to stop Trump, the American people are going to have to unite at the ballot box in November and reject the threat to our nation that is the candidacy of Donald J. Trump.