Texas Conservative Planned To Bring His Rifle to President Obama’s SXSW Event

A self-described “conservative” Texas gun rights activist planned to bring his rifle to President Obama’s South by Southwest festival (SXSW) speech and wrote, “This may get interesting”, according to posts gathered by common sense gun control advocates Everytown and reported by New York Daily News.

“Open Carry Texas founder C.J. Grisham made the remarks Wednesday to the closed group’s 28,000 members, and one responded, “If you get a clear shot, please fire for effect!,” according to images of the posts obtained by gun control advocates Everytown for Gun Safety,” the New York Daily News reported of a post made on a private page.

Grisham wrote that things “may get interesting”.

According to Wikipedia,” Christopher J. ‘C.J.’ Grisham is a retired U.S. Army First Sergeant and military blogger. A soldier in the counterintelligence military occupational specialty field, he is a combat veteran of the Iraq War and War in Afghanistan.”

Grisham has suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder, a fact that he has shared openly. He has had public outbursts, complaints about which he claims lead to demotions.

Grisham has also already been investigated by the Army Intelligence and Security Command for speaking out against his Commander-in-Chief President Obama while he was active duty. He was also arrested for resisting arrest and convicted in 2013 for interfering with a peace officer. He was arrested later yet again, according to Wikipedia, for carrying a toy gun and refusing orders to leave the area.

The NY Daily News has screenshots for verification.

Not to worry, they report that the Secret Service is aware of this possible threat and can prohibit guns at presidential events if they choose.

In typical conservative fashion, Grisham later said that he wasn’t actually going to be at the Obama event. He was going to be on the other side of town. Obviously fearing a visit from the Secret Service, Grisham wrote on Facebook, “Our right to keep and bear arms is a right reserved to self-defense and personal survival only. It does not in any way convey a right or privilege to kill or threaten to kill anyone based on political or any other ideology.”